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Comments from our booked appointments, drop-in sessions and advice by email:

September 2017

'My options were discussed and I left with a plan'

'Careers adviser was very friendly and helpful, so many thanks'

'As an ASA supporting students in many different roles over the University it has always been important to know that that the careers team have been available to assist students and perhaps more importantly provide guidance when the student needs it most. Not always during their time at Teesside but in the years after graduation. Altogether they provide a first class service.'

'Careers adviser was very helpful and provided some good advice during the interview.'

October 2017

'It really helped me so I feel there was nothing which could have been improved.'

'My questions were listened to and answered succinctly giving me clear advice, guidance and next steps to follow.'

'Careers adviser's help was really great for me. I plugged the gaps in my CV and found out how I can approach the right people to eventually land myself a job'.

November 2017

'The careers service helped me make sure my CV was the best it could be. Careers Adviser also set up a mock interview and gave some good pointers on top of the confidence I received from practicing an interview.'

'The careers advice helped me craft a better CV and Cover Letter, and helped me understand what employers were looking for. The support I was given was key to helping me with employment.'

'I've always had trouble writing cover letters and CVs until I went for help to the careers advisers. I feel like now I'm able to produce CVs and cover letters tailored to the specific role.'

'Helped me to look at options to progress within the preferred career direction'.

'I needed some advice completing a job application. Adviser spent time supporting me and gave some constructive advice for my application'

'Help with CV'.

'A very big thanks to the Careers Adviser who was a great help.'

'Do more drop in CV sessions for SCMA students and increase the availability of staff'.

December 2017

'The careers advice has helped me to update my CV according to the norms required for a good CV, and adapt it to the specifications of each job I have applied for.'

'The help I received helped clear up any concerns I had with my CV amongst other things. This allowed me to start applying for jobs with the knowledge that my CV is to a good standard.'

'Helped structure and format CV and tailored it to the job role giving constructive comments on my CV and cover letter.'

'It had helped me prepare for creating applications for jobs'

'It had helped me by increasing my self-confidence on producing applications.'

'Helped me improve my CV massively, including things such as the layout and contents of it. I feel more confident applying to placements with my CV after help from the careers service.'

'Gave me detailed advice on how to fill out the different sections of an application form'

'It improved my internship application to a level I was most definitely happy with.'

'Gave me some really constructive feedback on my CV and staff were always willing to give advice and help.'

'Helped me to identify problems with my CV and refine it. Got given a number of examples of the kind of application appropriate for my chosen career. I then sent my CV to a number of further job applications.'

'Gave feedback on my CV to help improve it and pointed me in the right direction with the overall format of cover letters'

'I have been getting some good feedback from employers, which means that I may soon get a relevant job. I will keep using your useful support until I achieve my goal'

'Careers adviser was excellent and passionate about helping me. I appreciate the commitment and help given in researching about the company'

'All staff were really friendly and approachable'

'Careers adviser was very positive and encouraging which has ultimately given me the motivation I need to pursue the things I am interested in.'

'I am very much satisfied with the advice and help I received. Careers adviser is talented for the job and is providing assistance to everyone equally and very helpful.'

'Careers adviser pushed me in the right direction in relation to a graduate scheme application.'

January 2018

'Gave me options that I did not know were available to me and this helped me to plan for the future.'

'It was really an ice breaker to use the careers service.'

'I would like to thank the team for helping me and giving me options to explore and reassure me that there are solutions out there.'

'Please continue to forward details of forthcoming careers events.'

February 2018

'The careers team helped me to make a much more informed decision as to the course options I had when transferring, as well as where these options could lead to career-wise.'

'Provided advice on giving a presentation, how to succeed at an assessment centre, and advised on how to improve my speech. Provided links to read about succeeding at job interviews.'

' I am very grateful for the careers service,the career staff guidance was helpful during my assessment centre preparation. Thanks for your support.'

March 2018

'I was able to talk through my problems and form a plan of action moving forward.'

'I believe that through the careers service, I have learned how to be prepared for interviews. Additionally I have learned what employers are looking for in potential employees with the formulation of certain questions.'

'Helped with ideas and methods to get in touch with companies for possibilities for placements. Specifically showing me how to get in touch with alumni from Teesside via LinkedIn. Careers adviser has also been a great help with providing advice on how to improve my CV and first covering letter for a placement application.'

'It helped me make a professional media specific CV.'

'Identified areas to address in preparation for graduate applications.'

'I got a lot of advice and guidance from the advisers.'

'Gave me good feedback on an application form.'

'The careers advice that I have received has been invaluable and will greatly aid my job hunt. It has helped me spot issues that I had missed during my own proof-reading, and provided excellent suggestions on how to improve both my CV and covering letter(s).'

'I was able to get help reasonably quickly, which was nice.'

'I'm also grateful that the careers service made me aware of a vacancy... My application was successful and I'm currently going through their recruitment process.'

'Keep up the amazing work, it really is of great benefit to all of the students.'

'Careers adviser was very helpful in her advice and guidance.'

'Keep up the good work. They made you feel comfortable and at ease, so it's easy to talk to the advisers.'

April 2018

'By giving support on structuring my CV and application form more suitable for the position I am wanting to go for.'

'Helped me write using the star technique'

'A useful session for students'

May 2018

'I am more aware of what I should do before and after sending out my CV and cover letter to the companies.'

'Gave us some great training through computer games creation society on the subject of interview skills. Adviser was superb. Really really pleased with the skills I learned. Adviser is a true credit to the university and the students.'

'Gave me great advice on how to make my CV.'

'Really helpful in providing me with information regarding my current situation.'

'The careers service has really helped me shape a much better idea of what kind of career I want to go into when I felt really lost. Not only did I get sound advice on where to look for jobs and job applications, the advisor also helped me organise some shadowing experience.'

'They taught me how to approach companies and I have a better understanding of how to write my cover letter.'

'It would be better if we have more drop in sessions per day'

'My adviser was particularly helpful and understanding and I want people to know just how much she helped me through this difficult time.'

'The adviser went above and beyond, it was a really personalised and friendly experience which has genuinely made a difference, not only to finding out the direction I want to go in, but also to my confidence levels. Can't thank the service enough.'

'They are very easy to talk to and they give a lot of useful advice'.

June 2018

'Provided beneficial preparation for any future interviews'

'I was given lots of informative feedback to improve on my CV and cover letters as this helps me to improve myself professionally when I apply for jobs around the world. I've learnt to improve my social networking and this helps me to meet more new people.'

'They helped me prepare myself for my interview a lot better than I could have done without their support.'

'Let me know I was heading in the right direction'

'Guided me towards various ways I could get admin experience and reach out on a communication level (i.e. Linked In), and have since started getting basic admin experience in my workplace'

'Constructive comments and advice preparing myself for grad applications.'

'Great service, very helpful, quick responses to emails and questions I had.'

'Adviser really seemed to care about my future.'

July 2018

'Gave me insights in to constructing and presenting a CV, and what employers are looking for and how to tailor it to each role that I apply for'.

'It was quite helpful. Adviser told me what should be my next moves and how I can improve my CV'.

'Adviser helped me to fix my CV and cover letter for placement'.

'Very engaging and easy to talk to. Boosted by enthusiasm and optimism'

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