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Some of our careers fair 2017 comments:

'information was very useful and helpful'

'wide range of stalls'

'the map, layout and key to the employers'

'finding out about the opportunities'

'talking to different companies; '

'advice from people in the industry; '

'range of stalls'

'information about placements and graduate programmes'

'people very helpful and friendly'

'the map; the guide was very useful to save time for finding useful companies that are relevant'

'variety of companies attending and the information they provided'

'finding new companies and information about their opportunities'

'lots of companies offering relevant opportunities'

'finding out what is needed for work possibilities not just for what I looked at but in general'

'map and booklet showing where companies were'

'employees were informative and friendly'

'the colour coordinated list'

'the map and list showing which disciplines the companies are looking for'

'interacting with people from the industry'

'meeting employers'

'I went abroad with them this year thanks to the careers fair'

'chance to chat with people in the know – able to steer myself to the path I want to be on'

'advice from employers'

'I had my questions answered and discussed directly with businesses about employability'

'learning about other companies I haven't heard of'

'information about companies – all in one place'

'opportunity to speak to people face to face'

'the opportunities guide, and the colour coded opportunities list'.