Advisers and specialisms

You can get general advice from any adviser about issues such as CVs, applications and interviews. However if you would like specialist advice about specific career areas the following may help you choose which drop in to come to.

School Specialism Adviser/s
School of Computing, Media & the Arts Computing, culture, arts E Bourke, C Whelan
School of Health & Social Care Health, social care E Dyson, E Bourke
School of Science, Engineering & Design Engineering
Computer and digital forensics
S Muhammad
E Dyson
E Bourke

School of Social Sciences Humanities & Law Early years, education and childhood
Sociology, criminology, crime & investigation

G Bulmer, C Whelan
G Bulmer
E Dyson
S Stockwell
C Whelan
E Dyson, G Bulmer

Teesside University Business School Business, marketing, finance S Muhammad, G Bulmer

Our drop in session times