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Computer Vision Engineer (KTP Associate)

Geckotech Solutions Ltd / Glasgow Caledonian University

Jobs E-bulletin issue no: 912/120918 Date job posted: 06 September 2018

The Computer Vision Engineer (KTP Associate) will be an employee of Glasgow Caledonian University but will based at the Geckotech Solutions Ltd headquarters in Edinburgh with regular supervision meetings with the University’s supervisory team

This project provides an excellent opportunity to develop state of the art Computer Vision and Image Processing algorithms focused on the improvement of structural condition monitoring services in hard to reach and dangerous environments.

The aim of the project is to develop a cutting edge industrial system based on state of the art Computer Vision systems dealing with a range of data types such as optical and thermal imaging. Data will be captured using a range of methods in a number of dangerous and hazardous environments. It is expected that this project produces high quality research publications throughout.

The successful candidate will have a BEng/MEng/BSc Degree in Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering or equivalent relevant degree.

Further information on the website.

Type: Contract   fixed term opportunity for 28 months
Basis: Full Time
Salary Details: not stated
Method of application: Online

Web Site:
Closing Date: 20 September 2018

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