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You may find the following recruitment agencies helpful in your search for graduate vacancies.

You can also find specialist recruitment agencies along with online job boards on our information resources by career pages.

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Recruitment agencies provide temporary, contract and permanent jobs across a wide range of industry or commercial sectors and geographical locations. Many agencies specialise in different areas of work, such as science and engineering, IT, finance, and sales & marketing.

Employers may use agencies to:

  • recruit for a specialist post
  • advertise under the agency name to screen out unsuitable applicants
  • save time if they don't have sufficient resources to manage all stages of recruitment.

When you register with a recruitment agency, you should:

  • be certain about the types of vacancies the agency handles, which jobs you are interested in and where you are prepared to work
  • always supply the agency with an up to date CV
  • keep in regular contact with the agency
  • check that the agency will not send your CV to employers without letting you know
  • approach an interview with an agency as you would a potential employer. You'll only get to see an employer if you impress the agency
  • register with more than one agency as they can be very selective about the candidates they put forward


  • Don’t pay the agency a fee for finding you work. They may only charge you for services such as CV writing, but remember the Careers Service provides free advice on the job search process for current students and recent graduates
    Agency workers: your rights advice on the website
  • Recruitment agencies are not careers advisers so please see a university careers adviser if you require careers advice
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