Work placements

If you'd like to do a work placement while on your course or when you leave we can give practical help and information on how to find a place, whether it's for a few weeks or a full year.

Consult placement tutors in your School

On some courses a placement is optional, on others, compulsory. If you are studying a first degree on a full time three years course or are on a four year sandwich course, and are looking to secure a placement, we advise you to speak to the relevant staff within your School:

  • School of Computing - we encourage students on any of its degree courses to consider spending a year in industry between their 2nd and final years of study. A placement year benefits students in many ways including the way in which it enhances their employability once they graduate. If you would like to consider this option, please speak to Vicky Lince (Placements Coordinator), Gordon Smyrell (School Manager) or email
  • School of Science and Engineering - if you are interested in spending your 3rd year on a professional placement, contact Angela Waldock, Stephenson Building, or email
  • School of Social Sciences, Business and Law - contact Victoria Johnson, email
  • School of Health - please speak to the Student Placement team, make enquiries at your School information desk
  • School of Arts and Media - students on media courses should contact Clare Fletcher, Placements and Projects Officer, email or call at 5th Floor Middlesbrough Tower. Otherwise, speak to your course tutors - make enquiries at your School information desk.

University schemes for students and graduates


Graduate internship scheme

Our internship scheme offers graduates valuable paid work experience to help them kick-start their careers.


Work placement videos

Make the most of an Internship

Work experience and placements videos from the Graduate Success website

Work experience
Making the most of a placement

Big opportunities in small businesses

  • Explores how graduates and SMEs can benefit one another. Graduates and their employers relate their own experiences and offer practical advice. (DVD, 40 mins).
    Available to borrow on a short term basis from the careers service - ask at the information desk.

Journey to work - work experience

  • Students talk about what they have done to maximise their chances of getting a job they want. The video includes a work experience guide to boosting your employability (9 mins).
    Ask at the information desk to borrow the DVD or view it on the campus only network E-learning@Tees.

Work placement careers books and digital magazines

TARGETjobs Internships

Work experience advice, internships and placements.
TARGETjobs Internships digital edition

Careers information area

You are welcome to read the following work placement books in the careers information area

  • The Apprenticeship Guide
  • Working in Work Experience and Volunteering
  • Work Placements - A Survival Guide for Students
  • Making Work Experience Count
  • Everything You Wanted to Know about Sponsorship - Placements - Graduate Opportunities
  • Student Guide to Work Experience National Council for Work Experience

You can borrow up to two items on a seven day loan. Renewals can also be made. You will need to register your details with us. Ask at the information desk for details.

Careers service work placement opportunities search

Many work placement opportunities are sent to us throughout the year. You can search by job category or by region.
Search for work placements.

Work placements and internships opportunities websites

Careers fairs and events

Work placement reviews

A Student Says...
Robert Hide

I found that my placement helped me in ways I had not guessed.

Robert’s placement year is an excellent addition to his CV.

Meet Robert Hide Link to Meet Robert Hide.

Employment issues and your rights at work

Know your employment rights - get information and advice about employment terms and conditions

Make the most of your work experience resources