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Comments from our careers events 2017/2018

Reasons to apply for the job opportunity

'The benefits of becoming part of the Nissan team are very attractive and exceptional. Also, because it is a really friendly and welcoming environment.'

'Because, there is a wide range of possibilities for work and for free time, with a training course, employee events. There may even be a chance to go overseas.'

'I am interested in the graduate as am a postgraduate student. The company seems to be very open and I totally adhere with their philosophy of work and business.'

'Numerous reasons. The location is ideal for me as a carer who cannot relocate. The opportunities for development within this company are highly attractive. I appreciate the chance to do real, interesting work and be given responsibility and accountability. And everyone I have met thus far have given me the impression that the people I would be working with are great, friendly, driven people and that the culture within the company is a good fit for me.'

'I have an interest in applying.'

'Very good opportunities within the course and the session was well presented.'

'It is an amazing opportunity as I've always wanted to join the armed forces and this would look amazing when applying plus I would love the chance to do a leadership course.'

'From the talk I believe that Accenture provides a great start for any graduate to both gain experience for future career opportunities as well as even a lifelong career with them.'

'Very insightful and informative.'

'Was clear and very factual - a lot of relevant information.'

'Cummins are offering finance opportunities that fit into the criteria of potential careers I would like to peruse in the nearby future.'

'Too generalised, I was looking for a more specific session for health. The information was useful, however was aware of most of it.'

'It has been good and loved it so much.'

'The process is very clear and precise'

'It was really helpful for international students.'

'Very essential for my placement year'

'I'm hoping to visit their studios.'

'The talk was hugely informative and will be very useful going forward.'

'Highly informative & well presented.'

'The employers speaking at the event provided some very valuable advice and gave a clear image on portfolio-making and job-seeking.'

'Have a chance to show my work to the industry.'

'It sounded a great opportunity and would be silly to not go for it.'

'Because it was so informative.'

'This is the type of session that will help me gain experience.'

What you would do next

'Go through the application process.'

'I will apply to the Graduate Opportunity and plan when I pass the first stage, I will plan extra hard for assessment centre and interview.'

'I will research more on Nissan and the application process for graduate scheme.'

'Apply as soon as possible, bearing in mind the suggestions in regards to my essay and cover letter.'

'Continue to attend other sessions.'

'Go to the following sessions to obtain more information and develop my leadership skills.'

'Go to the other events then hopefully get picked for the leadership course.'

'Research Accenture further and apply for a role under their graduate program.'

'Apply this knowledge to any interviews I may receive.'

'Look over the handouts provided and use the information in my interview!'

'I will further research into the company and look into the opportunities available at Cummins and am most likely to apply for them.'

'I will get my cv and cover letter ready to apply for graduate scheme'

'Wait for a specific to health session or arrange a 1 to 1 session if needed.'

'Attend again as it was good.'

'Be more confident in my ability to figure a solution.'

'I learnt a lot about leadership and it will serve me in life'

'I am applying for graduate programme with them'

'Produce a very good CV to acquire a placement position'

'Visit their studios and get to know more about them.'

'I will know how to apply for placements when the time comes, and how to be pro-active in the meantime and during any placement I am fortunate enough to find myself on.'

'Review my options & produce an action plan.'

'I will be working to finish setting up my portfolio and professional social media accounts to a polished standard so I can use them for internship applications. '

'Show my work to the people that work at the industry.'

'I will research more into graduate schemes as I am only a first year I would like to be more prepared and have a better idea of what I would like to do when I have my degree.'

'Investigate opportunities with local employers for placement.'

'I know I can do a wider search for my future job and I also know someone who can help'.

'I have picked up some excellent interview skills which I am sure will help me in the future.'

'I will find time every week to scroll through the employment websites and research on it.'

'Listen and understand the techniques and concepts.'

Other comments about the session

'Hold the presentation for a longer period of time so all subjects can be discussed. Nissan has a lot of stimulating information to share one hour is too few to cover all.'

'A larger room and more time for the session would have been preferable. More in-depth information in regards to each of the available positions/the departments they are in would have been helpful.'

'The event was great all my questions got answered.'

'The presentation was very good. Questions were answered properly. Hints were given about important things during application process.'

'The presentation was educative and flowing, well delivered.

'The session was well presented and gave lots of good and useful information. There were opportunities to ask questions and to also interact with others during the session. Lots of topics were covered that related to title of the session.'

'The talk was very good however, I would have liked to see some cover letters that past students had used to successfully get a placement.'

'I believe courses like these need to be advertised more so students are aware of them, as most peers were not aware of this session.'

'All the questions were answered in detail.'

'Mark is very professional and takes his time to explain'

'I expected the session to be rather drab and uninteresting and was originally doing it more so to fulfil a module requirement although I actually found it to be quite useful and interesting. There was some good advice and I took some quality notes for potential future interviews. Thankyou'

'It was brilliant having an Alumni present from his experience of industry and giving us amazing feedback in regards to perhaps how to better our University experience in preparation for Industry.'

'It was really a good time. Many thanks.'

'The work-shop was information in regards of how international students should and shouldn't write in their CVs. Further information which can be found at Blackboard is convenient for students.'

'The event was well presented'

'It was very supportive.'

'Very resourceful session. Provided me with a lot of information'

'Thank you for the expo talent training it was very useful'

'I really enjoyed it and grasped a lot. Thankyou.'

Needed guidance for preparing CV for PhD - adviser was great!'

'The course was comprehensive and helpful and further support was offered. Thanks very much'

'Poor time management, not being able to access the room for preparation for the presentations due to a class.'

'I hope to attend similar events in the future!'

'Remote mics for the people in the back of the lecture hall to hear the panel of speakers.'

'Was a very knowledgeable presentation and gave me a better incite on the employers point of view.'

'The organiser was very friendly and introduced us the programme in a professional and fun way'

'I've just come out of a great lecture on digital marketing.. '

'Great session with great presentation and very helpful for me as a student and someone who is in the early stages of starting their own company. '

'It was a very good session and highly informative. I'm just surprised more people weren't there because some information was very valuable. '

'The talk was very insightful and I hope that there will be more talks from the employer in the future'

'Very informative and helpful presentation. I've taken a lot out of it and I'm glad I attended.'

'Adviser made an excellent presentation! This session should be run more than once per semester as it clearly gets a large attendance.'

'The professionals from EY seemed well prepared but a little uneasy although it was quite a small group, and only read from the power points with very little additional information.'

'It's a very helpful event and I have a clearer idea of what I need to do to get a job here.'

'I managed to get a better sense of the graduate job market from this session, and also received many useful links related to employability and job seeking.'

Comments from our careers events 2016/2017