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Comments from our careers events 2017/2018

Become a Student Course Adviser

'They should include the first year students as well. This could be related to how first years cope as they progress.'

'Very helpful session and was really welcoming atmosphere'

HMR&C Tax Specialist Programme

'The presentation was great and really helped me.'

PGCE Personal Statements Workshop

'Great session, really helpful'

Placement CVs for SCMA students

'Great lecture. Thank you'

'It was good that the session was pitched at people who'd already made a CV, or had a go, but still inclusive and basic enough for people who had perhaps never made one. I personally knew most of what was said, but still got valuable information out of it, and could appreciate that most of it could be new to some people.'

'The session and bullet points made with structuring a placement CV help set a good guideline/rough template - as well as mentioning the drop in sessions for CV reviewing.'

Successful CVs

'It was great'

'It should be longer as we didn't have enough time.'

'I feel like the session could have been a couple of weeks course. This is because the session was a very beginners level basic, although it was good to know, I felt like we could have expanded further with more time.'

'Possibly lengthen the sessions so more questions can be answered.'

Successful CVs for international students

'I loved the exercise we did at the end, it was a great way to show and make us understand all the points made at the beginning of the session.'

The All-American Dream Summer Job with USA Summer Camp

'It was great'

Comments from our careers events 2016/2017