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Paul Bennett

(BA) Broadcast Media Production

'The staff are very well trained and have a great understanding of everything career related. From my first encounter with the careers staff I felt comfortable discussing my concerns with my career problems and they helped me create a clear and achievable path into employment.'

'The careers service helped me re-direct my degree into a new direction and re-sparked me enthusiasm for the future.'

Mario Saldanha De Magalhaes

Mario Saldanha De Magalhaes BA (Hons) International Management

'The careers service has helped me through different events, workshops and mentoring schemes to understand the world of work better and I feel a lot more confident to face the challenges of my future career'.

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Abigail Dowson

BSc (Hons) Psychology and Criminology

'I attended the careers service both when completing my degree and when completing my internship. Although my chosen courses included a required aspect of the careers service, I found these very beneficial and attended the careers service myself on a number of occasions.'

Mitesh Lakhani

Mitesh Lakhani BSc Hons Digital Forensics

'Make the most of the University’s facilities and its careers department – getting involved can help you get a good placement or find your first graduate job.'

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Daniel Green

Daniel Green BSc (Hons) Computer Games Programming

'Before I graduated, and throughout the process after returning to the UK, the Careers Service was exceptionally helpful. I received advice and mentorship to help me through the process, which definitely kept me on track, motivated me to keep trying, and gave me plenty of practical ideas.'

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Anuol Deng Kuoreng

Anuol Deng Kuoreng LLB Law

Barrister, Awatkeer Law Chambers, South Sudan

'I used the Careers Service several times because I wanted to be sure that I was doing the right thing when I decided to study for the Bar course. The Career Advisers were very professional and helpful and they professionally guided me to choose the right postgraduate course.'

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