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Cassandra Reynolds

Cassandra Reynolds BA (Hons) Web and Multimedia Design

'I gained a better understanding of CVs and formatting of covering letters'.

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Matthew Harrington

BA (Hons) Web and Multimedia Design

'I gained detailed information on what I was doing right and wrong with regards to my CV.'

'New information, hints and tips on what I was doing in trying to find a job in addition to providing information on how to get the best out of the social media that I’m using – i.e. LinkedIn'.

'Teesside University Careers Service has improved my confidence in my employability by providing me with the knowledge and skills needed to find a job in today’s economy.'


Paul Kelly

Paul Kelly MSc Network and Communications

'The careers service helped me prepare for my interview at Quorn Foods, providing me with practice interviews and useful tips and information.

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Clare French

Clare French LLM (Criminal Law)

'...The careers service was particularly helpful with their advice in preparing for interviews...'

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Andrew Woodhill

Andrew Woodhill BSc Computing

Andrew attended several career workshops throughout his time at university. These included sessions on CVs, job applications and social networking. He recommends that students 'use the Careers Service as early as you can even if you do not know exactly where you want to work. It is a fantastic service and you can use it for two years after you leave.'

Ashleigh Coney

Ashleigh Coney BSc Hons Criminology

“I have received some fantastic training, which I would not otherwise have had. I have met some fantastic people who work for the Probation Service who have helped me with my own research, but the best thing of all is the networking, finding out about other services and meeting people who can help you further your career too. Volunteering has opened up a world of opportunities for me!”.

"I attended a session on constructing a CV. It was one of the most useful events I have attended and I still use the information I gained from it today and have also helped others alter their CVs with the information I learnt. I still have the booklet four years on....and it still gets used!"

"I would encourage any student to get involved with the Careers Service. Ask about volunteering, sign up for CV sessions and events and start making plans that will enhance your skills now rather than when you’re in your final year and busy with writing your dissertation and taking exams. Start thinking about what will make you stand out from the crowd."