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Alex Brock

BA (Hons) Web and Multimedia Design

'During my sessions with the careers adviser, I gained confidence in myself in regards to what I have to offer employers, as well as how to approach different job roles. Additionally, my sessions ensured my CV was of the highest quality possible and I was able to target the most important criteria of job specifications through the use of a well targeted covering letter'.

Sarah Thompson

Sarah Thompson MA Journalism

PR Executive, Harvey & Hugo

'The Careers Service were brilliant. I was made redundant after my first role out of university, so they gave me advice on my CV, and gave me an endless list of websites for job searches. Soon after, I landed my current role.'

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Lucy Butler

Lucy Butler LLB (Hons) Law

'The careers department was a fantastic help and organised an interview at Archers Law LLP'.

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Craig Duffill

Craig Duffill BA (Hons) Business Management

'My CV looks good, thanks to the support and expertise of the people in the Careers Service. They have helped me to maximise my potential and my attractiveness to future employers.'

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Paul Bennett

(BA) Broadcast Media Production

'The staff are very well trained and have a great understanding of everything career related. From my first encounter with the careers staff I felt comfortable discussing my concerns with my career problems and they helped me create a clear and achievable path into employment.'

'The careers service helped me re-direct my degree into a new direction and re-sparked me enthusiasm for the future.'

Srikanth Kataram

Srikanth Kataram MSc Computing

'Careers staff are very kind and very helpful in getting my job here. I attended the sessions and got help from preparing my CV to attending interviews for internships and placements'.

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