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Nathan Shearman

MSc Forensic Psychology student and a volunteer with Nacro.

'I have learnt many skills whilst volunteering, including improving and developing my organisational, communication and interpersonal skills with people ...'

'You do not always have to know what you want from the experience and you don’t always have to have a career path set in stone as a determinant of the project you decide to volunteer for. However, you must be flexible, committed and willing to do a good job. This isn’t a big ask and will benefit you completely in the short and long term'.

'A final tip would be to enjoy volunteering. As much as you can shape your experience, it might be great to let it shape you too, as it has done with my career choice'.

'I have no doubt in my mind that my voluntary experience has benefited me. I’m due to finish a Masters degree in Forensic Psychology. This was possible with the application enhancing NACRO experience. Then like a domino affect the Masters degree has lead to a full time job offer in the NHS, working with mentally disordered offenders. Thank you NACRO and Volun-tees.'

Kidz Konnekt

“Volunteering is exceptionally important to gain fundamental which can prove essential when looking for employment.”


Leslie Curvis

Leslie Curvis

BSc Hons Sport and Exercise Coaching Science student and is a volunteer with the Premier League Elite Player Production Plan (Eppp).

'I have learnt a lot through volunteering.'

'If I could give one piece of advice it's this. You came to Uni to get a degree so you can land your dream job. Problem is so did the rest of us. Do something to stand you apart. Find something that you really want to do and it wont seem like a hassle to do it. The good thing about volunteering is that you are doing it because you want to, not because you have to. '

'My goal is to coach with Middlesbrough FC player development, and because of volunteering with Teesside Uni I can now add to my covering letter that I've coached for Middlesbrough FC Kickz project, and worked with the Premier league elite player development alongside my degree.'

James Caan

BBC TV’s Dragon Den

“When I see two graduates whose CVs read the same, I look for activities like volunteering which gives the CV a unique selling point," he says. "As an employer, listening to a graduate talk about volunteering means you can start to see their personality and helps you to visualise them in your company.”


Teesside volunteers in the awards spotlight

Teesside volunteers in the awards spotlight

Dedication to helping others has earned two Teesside University students and a graduate special recognition in the third Middlesbrough Volunteering Star Awards.

Meet Teesside volunteers in the awards spotlight   Link to Meet Teesside volunteers in the awards spotlight  .

Jessica Heron

“Through volunteering I’ve been able to enhance my skills and learn more about youth work. The encouragement I received from Kidz Konnekt had such an impact on my confidence levels, which led me to apply for my current job.”