Diversi-tees mentoring

Mentor Timetable
  • Apply to scheme
    Apply to the Diversi-tees scheme and send in application.
  • Induction
    All new mentors attend an induction event before being matched with a mentee. This event tells you all about the scheme and prepares you for meeting with your mentee.
  • First meeting
    Mentees contact their mentor to arrange and hold the first meeting. At this meeting you agree a plan of action with your mentee. Four further meetings are to be held before the scheme ends in August.
  • Evaluation
    Mentors may be invited to attend an evaluation event. The event provides mentors with an opportunity to network with other mentors and share their experience of the scheme.
Further opportunities
School of Science, Engineering & Design

Our School of Science, Engineering & Design are seeking volunteer mentors to share their expertise with undergraduate students.
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Who should be a mentor?

We aim to pair each student with a mentor employed in an area related to their career interests and working at a level to which the student aspires. So mentors can be:

  • working in a profession such as law and criminal justice, design, finance, HR, IT, engineering, social and community work
  • in management roles from junior to senior level (graduate or non-graduate)
  • a recent graduate on a graduate training scheme
  • a graduate who has completed a training programme and is now in a management position
  • others who feel they have relevant skills and knowledge to support a student.

Important note - all applicants need the support of their line manager to participate. As matching depends on the student's career interests we cannot guarantee to match all applicants. If unable to match we will keep you on file for the following year.

Is mentoring for you?

A good mentor is someone who is interested in helping others succeed by passing on their skills and knowledge.

Ian Thompson, Chief Inspector, North Yorkshire Police.
'I enjoy my job but mentoring is a fresh challenge that makes me look at things differently.'

Other qualities that make a good mentor include being:

  • a good listener
  • positive
  • patient
  • open minded
  • supportive.

How you will benefit

  • sharing your professional skills and knowledge and that of your organisation
  • personal satisfaction through helping a student develop
  • developing your personal, coaching and networking skills
  • improved awareness of diversity
  • giving something back to the community.
  • enhance your CV

How do I apply?

  •   Apply now - mentor application form (Word - 119kb). Please sign your completed form and return it by email to Gillian Bulmer, Teesside University careers service, Department of Academic Enterprise, P3.10 - Phoenix Building, Middlesbrough, TS1 3BX
    E: g.bulmer@tees.ac.uk

Frequently asked questions

Who is responsible for arranging meetings?

You should make arrangements for dates and times convenient to you both. The process is normally mentee-driven, thereby assisting the mentee to develop organisational skills.

What do I do if I can't make a meeting?

It is understandable work commitments may have to take priority on an occasion when you have arranged to meet with your mentee. We will provide you with your mentee’s contact details and suggest you discuss how to deal with such circumstances when you first meet.

Can I mentor more than one student in an academic year?

Mentors normally commit to mentoring one student, but if you have the time, resource and backing of your workplace, you may be able to mentor more than one student.

Do I have to provide work experience as part of the scheme?

The scheme has not been set up to provide work experience, but some mentors have been happy to provide experience for students where resources to do this have been available.

What can I do if my mentee raises a personal issue I can’t deal with?

If your mentee raises issues that you can’t deal with please refer them to us for support. As part of the scheme and the wider University we have a range of support including counselling and well-being services.