Young Investment Banker Weekend

25 - 26 November 2017
University College, London

Investment banking remains the ‘holy grail’ of careers for thousands of university students, fascinated by the allure of global financial markets. Ambitious students seek to gain the knowledge, skills and experience needed to break into the industry as early as possible, to gain an advantage in the race for internships and graduate placements.

At the Young Investment Banker Weekend (held at UCL), you will work directly with senior bankers from bulge-bracket institutions who will provide you with a comprehensive competitive advantage in securing a position at a leading investment bank. That competitive advantage is broken down into 4 critical areas:

• Knowledge - an in-depth understanding of the key concepts bankers must be aware of, such as bid/offer and company valuation, as detailed in the programme timetables (see Sales & Trading Day and IB and Corp. Finance Day tabs)
• Experience – the weekend is akin to a ‘mini-internship’ as you will participate in case studies and exercises based on our professionals’ real-life experiences
• Recruitment - Focused training on how to excel in the recruitment process, which is then tested through mock assessment centre exercises, with feedback provided
• Networking – during the weekend, there will be networking sessions with the bankers, who can give you personal advice on how to maximise your career prospects

The weekend is split into two distinct topic areas – with one day being dedicated to each of a bank’s key front-office functions: Sales and Trading (Saturday) and Investment Banking (Sunday). We do not have any prerequisites to attend this programme, simply a desire to break into the industry. We will provide you with all the skills and knowledge you require on the weekend itself.

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