About Academic Registry

Academic Registry is a central department which supports the academic work of the University in three ways.

Regulations, Quality and Standards

The Regulations, Quality and Standards team maintains the University’s Quality Handbook, and updates University quality processes to support curriculum development and to comply with external reference points.

The team also manages the approval and review of all of the University’s partnership activities. The team is led by an assistant academic registrar, John Holmes. Find out more Regulations, Quality and Standards

Secretariat, External Review and Audit

The Secretariat, External Review and Audit team (SERA) has a number of functions. It supports the work of the University’s deliberative committee structure, ensuring that business passes through the relevant committees for debate, before reaching the University’s Academic Board for ratification. SERA also lead on the University’s preparation for External Review by external agencies such as the Quality Assurance Agency, and professional, statutory and regulatory bodies. SERA manage the University’s internal audit schedule, and work closely with the Regulations, Quality and Standards team in developing and enhancing the University’s quality processes. The team is led by an assistant academic registrar, Janet Stocks.
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Learning and Teaching Enhancement

The Learning and Teaching Enhancement (LTE) team work with University staff and external organisations to ensure best practice in the University’s learning and teaching activities. The team provides support for, drives developments in, and coordinates learning and teaching enhancement practices to improve the quality of the student learning experience. Offering tailored consultancy through centralised workshops, facilitated development activities, individual consultations and resources, the LTE team support learning and teaching innovation, use of learning technologies, distance learning and the evaluation of pedagogical practice and student support strategies.

The team links staff across the University in a wider learning and teaching development network, and supports staff completing professional development applications for fellowships including the University Teaching Fellowship, Higher Education Academy Fellowship and the National Teaching Fellowship Scheme. To aid the dissemination of excellent learning and teaching practice across the institution, LTE also host the University’s annual, four-day Festival of Learning.
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