International Student Barometer 2017

Find out what our international students think about life at Teesside



The International Student Barometer Survey is an annual survey conducted by i-graduate.

i-graduate work with universities around the world to track and benchmark student opinions across the entire student journey, from prospective students to alumni.

The International Student Barometer Survey specifically provides universities with an understanding of the motivations, expectations and experience of international students.
At Teesside University, we use the Survey to gain insights into the experience we offer to our international students, to identify the things we are doing well and to understand where we need to make improvements.

It is divided into four sections learning, living, support and arrival with a series of specific categories within each section.

You can see the full list of all the universities who participated in the 2017 survey here.

2017 results
In the most recent survey, 120 universities around the world were benchmarked in the survey. 409 international students at Teesside University responded, and below is a selection of the results.

Average satisfaction with our learning experience 93.3
Expert lecturers 96.1
Performance feedback 95.2
“Good teachers” 94.9
Learning support 94.4
Quality lectures 93.9
Course content 92.4
Research 90.5
Language support 94.8
Physical library 97.4
Technology in the learning environment 96.6
Laboratories 95.3
Online library 95.0
Learning spaces 94.6
Virtual learning 92.9


Overall satisfaction with the living experience 90.0
Sport facilities 92.5
Social facilities 92.5
Social activities 91.6
Campus buildings 95.8
Eco-friendly attitude 92.4
Campus environment 92.3
Visa advice 92.2
Worship facilities 91.5


Average satisfaction with support 95.6
Careers Service 100
IT support (ITACS) 98.9
Students’ Union 97.5
Counselling Service 97.5
University Clubs/Societies 97.3
International Student Advisers 96.8
International admissions/compliance 94.9
Halls Welfare Wardens 94.9
Catering (on campus eating outlets) 94.8
Personal tutors 94.0
Finance Department 90.2


Overall satisfaction with arrival 91.9
Accommodation office on arrival 100
Social activities on arrival 94.7
Meeting staff on arrival 94.6
Registration 94.2
Welcome 93.8

Overall satisfaction 94.4

How we used the results of the International Student Barometer Survey 2016

The feedback we received in 2016 resulted in the following developments at the University.

Students said:
They would like more opportunities to make friends with UK students and better signposting to things to do in the local area.

We have:
Appointed an Events Co-ordinator in the Department of International Development, to

  • Organise social events
  • Work with the Students’ Union on subsidised events and excursions to you meet local people and discover the region
  • Integrate UK and international orientation activities where possible

Students said:
They wanted to know what we are doing to ensure they feel happy, healthy and safe at Teesside.

We have:

  • Created a new publication for international students on being happy, healthy and safe at Teesside University
  • Introduced SafeZone, a new personal safety app for staff and students on campus
  • Continued our work with Cleveland Police, with two permanent Police Community Support Officers on campus

Students said:
They thought our accommodation needed updating.

We have:
Refurbished and redecorated our university-owned housing. New student accommodation is part of our £300m campus development master plan.

For more information about International Student Barometer and Teesside's results, please contact Sam Bull, Account Executive, Continuous Surveys, i-graduate,

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