Case Studies

Chiedza Victoria Mudakureva

BSc (Hons) Food Nutrition and Health Science 2014 graduate

I have been volunteering with the Methodist Asylum Project through Volun-tees and have also volunteered with Middlesbrough Environment City. I found that volunteering has not interfered with my family time and I was able to find good opportunities working with children. I have gained a lot of experience in working with them and understanding their different needs.

I have gained communication skills, time management skills and have been able to socialise with people of different cultures and backgrounds. I found Volun-tees really useful and through them I gained a Volun-cheers award for completing a 100 hours of volunteering.

I would say to other students that volunteering is not wasting time, it develops you as a person and you gain skills. By bringing the skills you have to volunteering, you are developing yourself in that area. Because I take my volunteering certificate to interviews, interviewees are interested in knowing more about what volunteering I was doing and why. It gives you an advantage over other candidates.

I have continued volunteering at my local church since my graduation in 2014and now also work full-time. I am considering applying for a postgraduate in public health, studying part-time.

As well as the excellent support from Volun-tees, I have also been part of Diversi-tees and had phenomenal support from the Careers Service.

I completed an internship with Middlesbrough Council doing research on men's health. The topic was not in my subject area and I was required to use my research skills at the same time as learning the new topic area. I finished my internship programme with several options of areas of work including research, working on different projects and commissioning. This was due to the experience I gained in working with different professionals on different topic areas. I am currently working for Middlesbrough Environment City on healthy eating and undernutrion projects.