Case Studies

Eleni Lefa

I recently completed a three month Graduate internship through Student Services at Platform Arts in Middlesbrough after completing my degree in Graphic Design. I found this very interesting and rewarding and was keen to continue to build my design portfolio.

Volun-tees approached me to create a logo as a project for a VIP (Volunteering Impact Programme) project at Endeavour Housing in Middlesbrough who had been awarded a grant to develop a Roots and Shoots garden project. It was a great opportunity for me to use my design skills in a project that will help people to live better lives and also to enhance my portfolio.

A typical day would be designing and sketching ideas and then speaking with the manager at the organisation and deciding together which idea we should develop.

Through volunteering I learnt that even a little bit of my time can make a big difference in the lives of other people and that made me feel really good.

Everyone at the organisation was great with me and they helped me develop my communication skills. Also, through this volunteering opportunity I improved my English, which is crucial for me as I am not from UK.

Volunteering is a great way to gain experience, especially for foreign students. I would say don't be scared and contact Volun-tees and the Careers team and they will find the perfect role for you.