Case Studies

Holly Shahverdi

I am in my third year studying Psychology. Alongside my studies I am a therapeutic care volunteer at James Cook University Hospital and I also teach singing on an evening. The students I teach are of a range of ages and abilities and I have a passion for helping individuals discover and develop their talents within singing. I have been teaching since I was 15 years old and I continue to enjoy and learn from what I do.

Volunteering for South Tees NHS Trust is something I also thoroughly enjoy and learn a lot from. With my aim of becoming a clinical psychologist, this opportunity is a fantastic way for me to observe the things I'm learning about at Uiversity in a clinical setting and also to work alongside health care professionals to help patients feel safe and comfortable during their hospital stay. However, the most rewarding part of this role for me is the opportunity to share happiness with patients and to help brighten their day. There is nothing more satisfying than to help others, in my opinion, and this is why I love being a therapeutic care volunteer.

As I am highly passionate about both of these projects, I decided to combine the two in a way that would benefit both my students and the TCV community. I decided to organise a singing show and charity fundraiser - held on April 10 at the Dickens Inn Middlesbrough. I also produced a charity CD which featured the students singing solos and duets and each of these sold raising momey the charity. We managed to raise a fantastic £427 for TCVs and all of my singers were able to experience getting up on a stage and singing to their friends and families. The night was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended and the money raised will go towards things such as CDs, DVDs, video games, books and magazines to make a patient's stay in hospital a much easier experience.