Case Studies

Les Curvis

Les Curvis

Les volunteers with the Premier League Elite Player Production Plan (Eppp), usually at weekend tournaments but also regional events like Leeds and Manchester or National Finals at St George Park. Either way, he's up and travelling at 5.30am to get there for 9am, working with clubs such as Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool They bring their academy teams to take part and as Premier league staff, Les helps to brief the coaches before kick off as to how the tournament will run.

As long as it all runs smoothly, Les gets to watch the games and enjoy. At the end of the day its back to the hotel with the teams and make sure they have a meeting room to discuss tactics if needed and have dinner at the right times. When the players have gone to bed ready for the matches tomorrow, the Premier league staff sometimes have a deserved beer together before bed and talk about the day, and it all starts again the next morning.

He said: 'It's probably the most famous and respected league in football and to have the chance to work for them is not something you turn down if you want to work in football as a career. Talking to some of the ex-professional players is brilliant. Every time I go away I get to work with the future stars of Match of the Day. The skill of our young players is incredible even at such a young age and it's made me even more determined to work in player development. And you do get a fair bit of attention travelling around the country in your Premier league tracksuit.'

Les also values the importance of volunteering in terms of getting into employment once graduated. "You came to University to get a degree so you can land your dream job. Problem is so did the rest of us. Do something to stand you apart"

His goal is to coach with Middlesbrough FC player development, and because of volunteering with Teesside University, he can now add to future applications that he's coached for Middlesbrough FC Kickz project, and worked with the Premier league elite player development alongside his degree.

Les said: 'Thanks to volunteering at Teesside University, I have landed THREE dream jobs. Middlesbrough FC Foundation made me a full-time football coach on the Kicks Project in May and now also, the MFC Foundation Schools P.E. Project as a separate entity - and not only that, but I have just been made a permanent member of the Premier League Elite Player Performance Plan. I am doing things I only dreamed about when I started and it's living proof that volunteering is integral to getting the career you want.'