The Opportunity

Is this something that you really want to do? That you are passionate about? Does if match your future career aims/personal goals? There are many opportunities available so choosing the right one for you may take some time!

Time commitment

Would you prefer a short term opportunity, a one day event or a more regular activity? Can you volunteer throughout the year, including holidays? Think about what you are able to offer an organisation and check the details of the opportunity to see what commitment they need and if you can match it.


Where is the opportunity? Are travelling expenses provided? Can you get to it? Use the google map to find out where it is. The voluntary organisation will be able to answer all these questions and more so don't be afraid to ask. Find out as much information as you can.

You may have a very clear idea about the sort of opportunity you're looking for. However - try to keep your options open as far as possible. You may find an ideal opportunity in the most unlikely of places! You can also talk to a Careers Adviser or to your course tutor, either should be able to recommend activities/roles which might enhance your skills and experience. We can also provide advice and support to help you decide what to do.