Recognition for volunteering

Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Awards

Volun-tees offers students and graduates the opportunity to gain additional recognition for volunteering through our Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards. This is to recognise 50, 75, 100 and 250 hours of volunteering.

Volun-tees Plus Award

Achieve the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Plus Awards by completing:

  • an additional ten hours of skills based volunteering (to your Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum volunteering activities)
  • a review of your volunteering experience recorded through Volun-tees - this will help you identify skills you have developed through volunteering which will be useful for future applications of employment
  • a one-to-one reflective summary session to help you identify skills gained through volunteering as well as identifying next steps for your career.

Volun-cheers awards

It is time to celebrate your achievements and showcase the amazing work University volunteers are engaged with both on and off campus. Volunteers are presented with their certificates and additional awards are up for grabs including recognition for outstanding volunteers, groups and organisations associated with Volun-tees.