Volun-tees provides a FREE service to local and national voluntary organisations to:

  • Help promote volunteering opportunities in the community
  • Promote services that organisations provide
  • Raise awareness and potential fundraising opportunities
  • Provide networking and share good practice opportunities

What we can offer you

We offer organisations:

  • The chance to 'sell' your organisation to our students, both in terms of volunteering opportunities and in terms of a career choice after graduation
  • Access to the knowledge, skills and enthusiasm of our staff and student volunteers
  • The option of coming into the University to promote your organisation directly to staff and students (volunteering fairs and presentations)
  • The chance to promote your opportunities to all students and staff
  • A completely free service!

What we will do for you:

  • Promote your volunteering roles to our staff and students via Volun-tees
  • Provide support whenever needed
  • Have regular contact with you to update information on Volun-tees and help promote your own events/activities
  • Look at developing and enhancing the role of University volunteers with your organisation

What we want you to do for us:

  • Sign up to our online database and sign our Volun-tees agreement
  • Add your volunteering roles the site
  • Keep volunteer information up to date and confirm their submitted hours of volunteering.