Case Studies


Henwar Baker

Volun-tees were approached by a group of Interior design and architecture students keen to work on a live project. They put a call out to their community organisations requesting interior design briefs and the Samaritans was chosen for a room makeover.

The Samaritans Margaret Horrocks said: 'The idea for this project started over 12 months ago, when two ladies who had been bereaved by suicide walked into the branch and donated £2,000 in £10 notes.

'On speaking with them, we decided that to refurbish the foyer in calm colours and make it more private, would be beneficial to the people of Teesside.'

'We also discussed making it available for those who had been affected by loved ones who died by suicide, to use it as a contemplative room on the anniversary of a death. The room would be open without the need to speak with a Samaritan, but we would be available to listen if they wished.'

Henwar Baker, a final year Interior Architecture student led the project along with a small team, who designed and refurbished the room making it into a light, bright and stylish space for the Samaritans and their clients. Henwar has now applied for the Volun-tees plus award in recognition of her leadership skills and is keen to work on more live projects to boost her Portfolio.

Henwar said: 'This project has helped me to challenge myself and lead on a live project. Keeping within budget, managing my time and briefing the team and client has increased my confidence in dealing with people in different ways.'