Short courses

Computing & Web

Teesside's impressive reputation in computing is well established. We offer a unique combination of new technologies, industry links and traditional teaching skills to ensure you have a head start in finding employment. Programmes range from traditional software development and computing to web design, IT for business, network systems and modern i-computing technologies. Our courses allow you to build the knowledge and skills necessary to work in these rapidly changing environments.

Continuing professional development (CPD) is a way of supporting individuals in the workplace to develop new knowledge and skills. It can be any activity that helps you achieve your career goals, better understand your job and how to do it better.

Computing and Web

Teesside has fantastic state-of-the-art facilities for web and computing students including a wide range of web, multimedia, network and programming studios. This environment prepares students for work in industry by promoting team work and the use of case studies, problem solving and methods such as peer programming.