Short courses

Education, Early Childhood & Youth

We are proud to have developed an excellent reputation for preservice and in-service education and personal development. We work closely with employers and national lead bodies to ensure your studies are relevant, current and challenging, equipping you to progress in your chosen career with confidence.

Education, Early Childhood & Youth facilities

The facilities available to Education, Early Childhood and Youth students at Teesside University are ideal preparation for a career in education. Students have access to many of the kind of resources that you would expect to find in an educational setting.


  Course title Qualification  
Children and Early Childhood University Certificate in Advanced Professional Development: View course
Early Language Development University Certificate in Professional Development: View course
Professional and Personal Values in Teaching University Certificate in Postgraduate Professional Development: View course
Teaching English (Literacy) in Education and Training University Certificate in Advanced Professional Development: View course
Teaching Mathematics (Numeracy) in Education and Training University Certificate in Advanced Professional Development: View course

Quality teaching

We are committed to providing you with the knowledge, understanding and skills you need to become part of a graduate led workforce. Teesside University has up to date, innovative learning and teaching facilities, well-qualified and highly experienced teaching staff and excellent support services, all of which provides you with the best opportunity for reaching your full potential. The content of our programmes is grounded within current educational policy and practice and is supported by research active academics and practitioners in the field of education and early childhood studies. Courses in each subject area are designed to enable you to combine your studies with your personal and working lives.


Evidence-based practice is at the heart of the best education for workforce development. Academic research is an important element of teaching and learning at Teesside University. Recent successes in education research among members of the team include studies of Sure Start, for the Children’s Workforce Development Council, and on literacy and mentoring. Team members are involved at a national level in developing government policies for early years and youth work, and initial teacher training requirements for the lifelong learning sector. Education staff have published a range of material, including course textbooks, agenda-setting texts, reports and journal papers on young people, youth-related issues, professional development, teaching in the lifelong learning sector and early childhood studies.