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Assessment in Infant Mental Health
University Certificate in Professional Development


Course overview

This award is for you if you have an active interest in promoting positive infant mental health and wellbeing. You explore the current political context and drivers focusing on strengthening lifelong health and wellbeing in the early years. You consider applied physiology in early childhood linked to promoting positive health experiences. You discuss the foundations of health for infants and children with particular emphasis on established, responsive relationships, safe, supportive environments and appropriate nutrition. You also reflect on caregiver and community capacities to support the mental health development of infants and children. And you appraise safe and effective collaborative practice in promoting infant mental health and wellbeing.The award develops your knowledge and understanding of the skills required to promote safe and effective practice in infant mental health and wellbeing.

Where you study

Centre for Professional and Excellence Development, Darlington campus


Course details

What you study

Award content includes:

  • contemporary policy and drivers related to promoting infant mental health and wellbeing
  • anatomy and physiology of infant brain development and physiological responses to disturbances or adaptations
  • promoting social, emotional and cognitive development in infants
  • the role of caregivers in promoting positive infant mental health
  • assessing a caregiver’s capacity to promote positive mental health in their infant
  • evidence-based approaches to promoting positive infant mental health
  • the role of the community in promoting positive infant mental health and wellbeing
  • safeguarding children and adults
  • IT skills
  • communication skills
  • collaborative working in promoting positive infant mental health and wellbeing, specifically focusing on attachment, bonding, behavioural assessment, recognising a disorder and referral
  • safe and effective practice by adhering to professional codes of conduct.

How you learn

The award is delivered through blended learning – promoting student-centred learning and enabling you to complete the theoretical components of the award in a flexible approach. All elearning materials are hosted on the elearning@tees student portal which also includes additional information, teaching materials and direction to valuable resources and pre-reading materials. There is 24-hour access to IT services and the library to support you in your learning experience. Within the in-class sessions, you come together to explore the theoretical elements in depth. You discuss the practical application of theory to practice. You reflect on your own experiences, promoting shared knowledge and understanding.

Over the 10-week period, you engage in elearning guided materials, four in-class days and self-directed learning. In week six, you complete the formative assessment in preparation for your final summative assessment submission in week 10.

Each in-class day is six hours long, totalling 24 hours over the duration of the award. There is also 16 hours of facilitated learning (through elearning) to accompany the theory covered within the module. We also expect you to complete 160 hours of self-directed learning.

The award is taught by staff with an interest and expertise in this area, including practitioners currently working within this area.

How you are assessed

Formative feedback regarding your progress is provided throughout the module through seminars, practical sessions and tutorials. The formative assessment involves the submission of a 400-word plan detailing your approach for the assignment.

The summative assessment comprises of a 4,000-word critical appraisal focusing upon the assessment process undertaken from a case where the promotion of infant mental health and wellbeing is an integral part of the care delivered. If you are unable to identify a case, a case study is provided (100%).

This is submitted in week ten of the module.


Entry requirements

Entry requirements

You must be working in an environment where the delivery of care and support to promote infant mental health is involved and you must have evidence of previous successful study at diploma level within the previous five years.



2019 entry

Fee for UK/EU applicants:

Limited funded places available

  • Length: 10 weeks
  • 20 Credits, Degree Level
  • Enrolment date: January
  • Admission enquiries: 01642 384110