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Eddie Rees

Eddie's sociology degree has led to an incredible career opportunity.

Eddie Rees

BSc (Hons) Sociology

Teesside University provided me with opportunities in life that I had never even considered. It’s hard to think of a reason not to study here.

Why did you choose to study at Teesside?

I always intended to study at university and I’d been accepted onto a similar course elsewhere, but I felt like I might struggle to settle in there. My sociology teacher at college recommended Teesside as he had completed his degree here, so I applied through clearing.

I chose sociology as I have always been interested in structures of power and barriers to achieving social change. I felt studying sociology with internationally recognised experts could only benefit me.

What have been your favourite modules?

My favourite modules were Football, Culture and Society, Globalisation and Development, and American Criminal Justice. They were led by passionate lecturers who covered their subjects in great depth.

What do you think about the campus?

The campus has changed since I first arrived here and is a fantastic place to study. The library provides a great range of resources and services. The Students’ Union is fantastic at engaging with students and providing support and access to clubs which match their particular passions. I stayed in Central Halls and it’s a great place for students to live.

What has your social life been like?

My social life has been incredibly active. I’ve made friends through work, sports team membership and my studies. Middlesbrough is an affordable area to live in, and the Students’ Union has student-friendly prices so it’s ideal for undergraduate students.

I’m the treasurer and former captain of the men’s futsal team. By being part of the team I have made some good friends, as well keeping fit and achieving great successes, including winning the league this season.

Would you recommend Teesside?

Definitely. Teesside University provided me with opportunities in life that I had never even considered. It’s hard to think of a reason not to study here. The atmosphere here is so welcoming that it’s impossible not to make friends too.

What career do you hope to enter after the course?

My course provided me with access to an incredible career opportunity. In my final year, my lecturers took an interest in an assignment I completed and asked if I had considered studying for a doctorate. This boosted my confidence in my own abilities and I based my PhD on this assignment. It’s hard work but the opportunity for doctoral studies is rare, and I love the independence of running my own project and steering it the way I want to go. The role I have now makes my decision to come to Teesside through clearing the right choice.


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