Cultural history scholarship
Teesside University Business School students

We are offering a £9,681 scholarship to a strong candidate for a full-time MA Cultural History within the Institute of Design Culture and the Arts.
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Our history course stimulates debate, excites your curiosity and challenges your thinking. You develop extensive knowledge of your subject and gain the advanced critical and communication skills valued by employers within a supportive and stimulating learning environment.

  • » Study the past to secure your future - our graduates learn to think clearly, analyse problems, present precise conclusions and work together
  • » Study a course whose high quality has been nationally recognised by the Quality Assurance Agency
  • » Join a course whose students gave us 93% for satisfaction (National Student Survey 2013)
  • » Learn from research-active staff - history at Teesside has once again been recognised for its world-leading research in the latest Research Assessment Exercise

Quality teaching

Varied study opportunities
Dr Matthew Feldman

We host a unique research centre dedicated to the study of the far right and its opposition.
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History students visit the Vindolanda Roman site.
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Holocaust Memorial Day
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Courses are taught by a team of dedicated and enthusiastic teachers and researchers. The History programme has been recognised and commended by the Quality Assurance Agency for its student-centred approach to delivery.


History staff have expertise in regional and local history, cultural history and modern political history with a particular focus on democracies and extremism. The latest Research Assessment Exercise has acknowledged the world-leading research of historians at Teesside. History students are taught by staff whose research keeps us at the cutting edge of our discipline. The Centre for Regional and Local Historical Research is located in the History section at Teesside.

Excellent prospects

Study the past to secure your future! Our graduates learn to think clearly, analyse problems and present precise conclusions using effective teamwork, communication and IT skills. These abilities are valuable in careers in public administration, the media, law, industry and a variety of service occupations.

Our Library has an impressive collection of relevant material which is continually renewed. You’ll have access to the internet, CD-ROMs and electronic databases through the Library's 400 workstations. We are at the forefront of the application of computers in the teaching of history. The History subject group also has access to the North East Film Archive and a comprehensive Green Archive.

  • Nigel Copsey
  • Professor
  • T: 01642 384093
  • E: n.copsey@tees.ac.uk
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  • Matthew Feldman
  • Reader
  • E: m.feldman@tees.ac.uk
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  • Ultan Gillen
  • Senior Lecturer in European (French) History
  • T: 01642 738297
  • E: u.gillen@tees.ac.uk
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  • Margaret Hems
  • Subject Group Leader (History)
  • T: 01642 384028
  • E: m.hems@tees.ac.uk
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  • Charlie McGuire
  • Senior Lecturer (History)
  • T: 01642 384075
  • E: c.mcguire@tees.ac.uk
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  • Kenneth Moore
  • Senior Lecturer in History of Ideas
  • T: 01642 384015
  • E: k.r.moore@tees.ac.uk
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  • Diana Newton
  • Reader
  • T: 01642 384061
  • E: d.newton@tees.ac.uk
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  • Roisin Higgins
  • Senior Lecturer in History
  • T: 01642 384039
  • E: r.higgins@tees.ac.uk
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  • Benjamin Schiller
  • Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Anglo-American History
  • T: 01642 384070
  • E: b.schiller@tees.ac.uk
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  • Natasha Vall
  • Professor and Associate Dean (Research)
  • T: 01642 384062
  • E: n.vall@tees.ac.uk
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  • Alexandra Smith
  • MA Cultural History
  • 'My time at University improved my report writing and research skills, and gave me more confidence in my abilities.'
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  • Ben Roberts
  • History, PhD
  • The qualifications I’ve gained at Teesside are really essential for me – I want to be an academic historian and history lecturer.
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  • Harriet Beadnell
  • BA (Hons) History
  • 'I heard good things about Teesside from friends who are studying here – and both my parents did courses here as well.'
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  • Rosemary Stubbs
  • BA (Hons) History, 2013
  • I had great support from my dissertation tutor, with regular meetings and guidance in how to approach my subject.
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  • Rosie Hare
  • BA (Hons) History
  • ‘A history degree was invaluable in giving me the skills to manage my time and use a library in the most efficient way.’
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  • Tony McKenna
  • BA (Hons) History and MA History
  • The staff are approachable and supportive, and also at the top of their game in their areas of research.
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  • Paul Stocker
  • PhD Research
  • I am looking into British fascism in relation to the British Empire. I work in the archives of the period from 1920 to 1960, which are held in various universities, so I have done a lot of travelling.
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  • Jake Birdsall
  • BA (Hons) History
  • I’m living it to the max, to get the most out of the experience.
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