L-R, Tyrone Davison from Teesside University, David Orr, owner of Hazdet and Cameron Cotterrill, KTP associate.. Link to View the pictures. University partnership brings games engine expertise to process industry safety system deployments

We deliver high-quality courses, research, and consultancy - and are a centre of excellence in the creative and technical aspects of computing, games and animation, web and multimedia.

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ExpoTees. Link to ore about ExpoTees.

ExpoTees is an annual exhibition of outstanding computing innovation, technology and design - and an opportunity to recruit bright, new talent to your organisation.
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The Digital Futures Institute (DFI) is host to a range of research activities in computing and aims to achieve a balance between generic research topics, mostly in programming research, and the development of new technologies for user-centred systems, such as multimodal interfaces, accessibility and new interactive media.
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