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Brandon Lane

Brandon knows the games and animation industry is highly competitive so he wanted to help develop his skills through higher education.

Brandon Lane

BA (Hons) Computer Games Animation

'The tutors have industry experience so they understand what it takes to be in the industry and will help you go beyond what you can currently achieve.'

The games and animation industry is highly competitive and I wanted to follow a higher education course to help develop my skills and to push myself further. I live locally so I’ve always known about Teesside University - it has a reputation as being one of the strongest universities within the UK if you are aiming to achieve a career in the technological industry, mostly games and animation.

I chose games animation because I love what animation can do, it can tell powerful narratives which can invoke raw emotions but also build worlds which you could only imagine. Animation is what makes a believable world and unique and interesting characters, which is something I love.

I enjoyed making friends with people who are like minded and wanted to pursue a career in the same industry, being able to work with such creatively minded people who you can bounce ideas off and help push yourself further.
I received a bursary and sponsorship, but these came second for me personally, I always put my learning and education first and I knew that the courses Teesside offered were ideal for what I wanted to do.

My favourite module was The Journeyman Project. It was a lot of stress and work but it taught me so much. It helped me push myself as a person because I was put into situations where I had to work under tight deadlines, high pressure situations and of course working in a team environment as a leader.

I found the careers service extremely useful in helping me through the placement process. I’m currently starting a placement at Rare Ltd, Microsoft Studios in Twycross.

The town centre is only five to ten minutes away from the University and has a great range of shops and clubs, and a number of pubs which are literally on the doorstep.

I would recommend Teesside University. It is specialised in the computer games area and is equipped with all the tools you would use in the games industry, such as a motion capture lab which uses optical suits which is a standard in the industry. The tutors have industry experience so they understand what it takes to be in the industry and will help you go beyond what you can currently achieve.

The course helped me develop the foundations of knowledge I need to get into industry, it teaches you how to go about the pipeline for game animation, the toolset you will use but most importantly the principles of animation which at the end of the day, all animation is based on no matter what software you use.

I have yet to graduate but I am always aiming to get a career in cinematic animation, being involved with the creation of cut scenes and cinematics for games. I also have a keen interest in character animation in which I am practicing on the side as I would also like to pursue a career in the film animation industry.