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Peter Gregory

Senior Lecturer in Interactive Systems

Peter Gregory

About Peter Gregory

Peter Gregory is a Lecturer in the School of Computing and has been at Teesside since 2012.  Based in the Digital Futures Institute, he contributes to the university's research in various areas of Artificial Intelligence, optimisation and knowledge engineering.  Before joining Teesside, Peter worked as a Research Fellow in two AI planning research groups at the Universities of Huddersfield and at Strathclyde, where he also studied for his PhD.

Research interests and activities

Peter mainly works on AI Planning topics, such as knowledge engineering, abstraction and plan generation.  Knowledge engineering in planning concerns how software engineers create planning problems.  Peter is interested in the use of rich languages for expressing planning problems, and the use of tools that help software engineers to author problems for these rich languages.
In addition to the modelling aspects of AI Planning, Peter has studied different formalisms (Constraint Programming, Boolean Satisfiability) for representing and solving planning and other optimisation problems.
Peter welcomes enquiries from students interested in studying aspects of AI Planning, Constraint Programming, Boolean Satisfiabilty and other aspects of combinatorial search.

Enterprise interest and activities

Peter is interested in all areas of optimisation and algorithm design.  Most specifically, he is interested in applications that can be solved using Artificial Intelligence techniques.
Many problems, such as employee rostering, scheduling and business process optimisation, can be solved using AI techniques.  Peter has a strong track record in modelling this type of optimisation problem.  For example, he has worked on creating tools to help calibration engineers produce high quality calibration plans automatically; saving both the engineer and machine tool owner time and money.


A full list of my publications can be viewed here: