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Jamie Smith

Jamie Smith

About Jamie Smith

Formerly a Game Designer at Ubisoft Reflections, I contributed towards several high profile games across different genres, numerous platforms, using industry standard technologies and working within a variety of team sizes both local and international.

Now a Senior Lecturer in Games, my focus is on teaching areas of the design discipline which helps to engage users, providing them with a unique, comfortable and satisfying gameplay experience whilst also taking advantage of contemporary tools and techniques in order to do so.

Such is the dynamic nature of the industry, I also encourage myself and my students to remain at the forefront of technological advancements, innovative industry practice and the real world application of game design principles which helps to diversify and enrich the interactive landscape across a variety of mediums.

My areas of teaching includes, but is not limited to; game design, game theory, level design, UI/UX design gamification, analytics, psychology, economics and related subject areas such as industrial design and architecture.

Research interests and activities

Game based learning

Enterprise interest and activities

Game Design
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