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Dr Ismail Khalid Kazmi

Ismail Khalid Kazmi

About Ismail Khalid Kazmi

Ismail Kazmi is a Lecturer of Games Programming/Development at Teesside University, where he teaches a wide range of courses in Computer Science and Game Development. He holds an MSc in Software Engineering from University of Glasgow (2009) and a BSE in Software Engineering from Bahria University, Pakistan (2008).

In the past, Ismail has worked as a Software Engineer at Accenture, UK and a lighting TD at Ice Animations, Pakistan.

He is currently finishing his PhD at Bournemouth University, UK. His research involves sketch-based modelling of 3D characters, computational geometry, and computing vision. He has a passion for Computer Graphics both in terms of arts and programming.

Research interests and activities

Ismail Kazmi has been actively doing research on sketch-based modelling systems since starting his PhD in 2012 at the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA), Bournemouth University, which is a world leading centre for computer animation research and education. His main interests lies in designing tools and techniques to aid character artists to create 3D character models quickly and easily, using traditional methods of sketching. As part of his research he has visited Zhejiang University, China in 2013 for a 3 months project on sketch-based motion retrieval. He has attended several conferences such as CASA (International conference on Computer Animation and Social Agents), where he has presented his research output.


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