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Malcolm McNeely

Malcolm McNeelyPhD research

Malcolm gave up his first graduate job to start his PhD research.

Doing fundamental research that expands human knowledge is an inspiring idea.

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Paulo Batista de Almeida Filho

Paulo Batista de Almeida FilhoBA (Hons) Computer Animation and Visual Effects

Paulo came from Brazil to study here.

The course has provided me with ways to develop networks, which is fundamental to getting a job.

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Ellen Dudley

Ellen DudleyBA (Hons) Computer Games Art

Ellen’s placement was the highlight of her course.

I was able to apply my previous knowledge of fine art principles whilst learning new software and skills I had never touched on before

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Ajay Ajaal

Ajay AjaalBSc (Hons) Computer Science

Ajay’s experience at Teesside University prepared him for his dream job in Canada.

I believe that you only get out of life what you put in. Give it your all and Teesside University is somewhere you can excel.

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John Thompson

John ThompsonBSC (Hons) Computer Science, 1992

Given the choice to do it again, I would still choose Teesside University.

Given the choice to do it again, I would still choose Teesside University.

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Ryan Harrison

Ryan HarrisonBA (Hons) Computer Animation

Ryan is listed in Develop magazine’s 2017 30 under 30, they describe him as someone who ‘has always pushed the boundaries, with an ability to create things that were not previously thought possible.’

I really enjoyed working with other students and having access to some awesome equipment.

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