School of Health & Social Care

How we involve carers and service users

Make your health and social care experience count

If you've recently used health or social services and would like to share your experience to help train the nurses, physiotherapists and social workers of the future then we would like to hear from you.

We are looking for users and carers from the community:

  • carers - if you are looking after someone or have looked after someone
  • people who have been in hospital recently
  • people who have seen a health care or social care professional recently
  • people who have an illness or disability.

Activities you can be involved in

There is a variety of ways you can help; there is no set time commitment so you can give as little or as much time ar you wish.

Telling your story

Sharing your experience to groups of students to help them understand what it’s like to be a person with a disability, a patient, a user of services or a carer.

Shaping and influencing training

Help us to plan new courses or review existing ones so that we train students to be better professionals. You could do this by coming to meetings with us where you will have the opportunity to make a contribution.

Recruiting the right kind of students

Help in the selection of students such as making sure that the interview questions are appropriate.

Assessing students

Help in making sure that students are becoming the right kind of professionals who will relate in the best possible way to people who seek their help. For example, you might be able to help with the questions that are asked or help to structure the assessment in other ways.

Focus groups

You could become part of a focus group with a specific interest, for example issues about the use of wheelchairs or problems associated with childhood illness.


The University undertakes research projects in different areas of health and social care and may be seeking help from service users and carers. You may be able to advise on the shape of projects, on the appropriateness of the survey or interview questions, or on the sample of people who should be approached to take part in research.

Contact us

To offer help or for more information contact:

  • Catherine Haycroft Service user/carer involvement co-ordinator
  • 01642 738271