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Dr Jonathan Robinson

Jonathan Robinson

About Jonathan Robinson

Dr Jonathan Robinson is a Senior Lecturer in Research Methods at Teesside University.  He came to work within the HSCI following the completion of a BSc in Sports Therapy, an MSc in Physiotherapy, and a PhD in Rehabilitation.  Jonathan was awarded a Doctoral Scholarship within the University in 2009 and his PhD thesis is titled ' The Effects of Exergaming Technology on Postural Sway, User-Acceptance and Flow Experience in People with Multiple Sclerosis '. 

During his PhD Jonathan acted as a physiotherapy researcher on a number of research projects, investigating the effects of textured insoles in people with Multiple Sclerosis. 

Jonathan teaches research methods and statistical analysis across a range of clinical programmes such as nursing, radiography and physiotherapy, from BSc to Doctoral degrees.

Research interests and activities

Jonathan's research interests are based around the relatively new concept of exergaming – the use of computer gaming technology as an exercise or rehabilitation tool. Through the completion of his PhD, these interests have extended out to clinical groups; specifically, people with Multiple Sclerosis.

Specifically, these include:

- Exergaming
- Virtual rehabilitation
- Exercise in Multiple Sclerosis
- Balance Training


Selected publications

Robinson, J., Dixon, J., Macsween, A., van Schaik, P., & Martin, D. (2015) The effects of exergaming on balance, gait, technology acceptance and flow experience in people with multiple sclerosis: a randomized controlled trial. BMC sports science, medicine and rehabilitation, 7(1), 8.

Baron, Y. J., Robinson, J., Gamesby-Iyayi, H., Hodgson, D., Hatton, D., Warnett, R., ... & Martin, D (2014)  Perceptions of people with multiple sclerosis on the effect and comfort of two different textured insoles: A qualitative study. International Journal of Therapy And Rehabilitation, 21(Sup7), S2-S2.

Dixon, J., Hatton, A. L., Robinson, J., Gamesby-Iyayi, H., Hodgson, D., Rome, K., ... & Martin, D. J. (2014) Effect of textured insoles on balance and gait in people with multiple sclerosis: an exploratory trial. Physiotherapy, 100(2), 142-149.

Robinson, J., Martin, D., van Schaik, P., Macsween, A., Dixon, J. (2013) The effects of Exergaming on postural stability, user-acceptance and flow in Multiple Sclerosis: a randomised controlled trial,32nd Physiotherapy Research Society Conference, Cardiff University, Wales, 6

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In the news

  • Wii Fit viable treatment for balance of people with Multiple Sclerosis
    Care Appointments, 07/05/2015; Click, 06/05/2015; Multiple Sclerosis, 08/05/2015; Northern Echo online, 08/05/2015; Northern Echo, 09/05/2015;, 09/05/2015
    Exercise through gaming or 'exergaming' could be a viable alternative to help people with Multiple Sclerosis live happier and more active lives, researchers at Teesside University have found.