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Greg Atkinson

Professor of Health Sciences and Biostatistics Research

Greg Atkinson

About Greg Atkinson

Greg is a Professor of Health Sciences and Biostatistics Research.  He completed his degree in Sports Science at Liverpool Polytechnic. In 1994, he completed his PhD programme, entitled 'The effects of age on human circadian rhythms'. Greg has a long-standing interest in translational physiology and joined HSCI in March of 2012.

Greg's research interests focus on the translation of knowledge about human physiology to real world problems.  He has researched health issues relating to working shifts, as well as the mechanisms surrounding the circadian variation in sudden cardiac and cerebral events. He is particularly interested in the role of the ‘morning surge’ in blood pressure in explaining why these events are more common in the morning. He is also interested in travel health, with particular emphasis on the disturbance of the body clock by jet-lag. Greg is a Fellow of the Royal Statistical Society and has published widely in research methods and statistics.  Another of Greg's interests is general exercise science, particularly the relationships between physical activity and cardiovascular health, as well as issues relating to world class cycling performance.

He leads the Journal Club on Lifestyle, Nutrition & Health Research (to support and develop the skills of PhD students and early stage researchers).

Research interests and activities

Research interests

·  Obstructive Sleep Apnoea
·  Circadian Rhythms
·  Physiological size scaling (allometry)
·  Biostatistics
·  Individual differences in the response to an intervention (personalised medicine)
·  Cardiovascular health

PhD supervision

·  Mohammad Zaregarizi – Chronobiology/ Cardiovascular Physiology (completed 2009)
·  Sarah Fullick – Shiftwork and Health (completed 2010)
·  Chris Morris – Shiftwork and Health (completed 2010)
·  Lee Graves – Childrens Physical Activity including use of WII-FIT (completed 2010)
·  Nia Lewis – Circadian variation in factors influencing syncope (completed 2011)
·  Chloe Taylor – Sources of variation in human haemodynamics (completed 2011)
·  Colin Robertson – Training and time of day (completed 2013)
·  Tori Sprung – Physical Activity and PCOS (completed 2012)
·  Kelly Marrin – Chronobiology (completed 2012)
·  Andrew Thompson – Bright Light, Lumie project (completed 2013)
·  Robin Thorpe – Heart rate recovery, Manchester Utd project (part-time, on-going)
·  David Kelly – Training predictors, Manchester Utd project (part-time, on-going)
·  Sophie Suri – Exercise and Sleep Apnoea (full-time, on-going)
·  Emma Mead – Childhood obesity (full-time, on-going)
·  John Franklin – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (full-time, on-going)
·  Om Sah – Fluoride metabolism at high and low altitudes (full-time, on-going)
·  Lorenzo Lolli – Normalisation of health-related indices (full-time, on-going)
·  Philip Williamson – Individual differences in the response to a health intervention (full-time, on-going)


Selected publications since 2008

ATKINSON, G. & BATTERHAM, A. M. 2015. True and false inter individual differences in the physiological response to an intervention. Experimental Physiology, 100, 577-588.

ATKINSON, G. & BATTERHAM, A. M. 2015. The Clinical Relevance of the Percentage Flow-Mediated Dilation Index. Current Hypertension Reports, 17 (2), 1-9.

ATKINSON, G., BATTERHAM, A. M., DOWDALL, N., THOMPSON, A. & VAN DRONGELEN, A. 2014. From animal cage to aircraft cabin: an overview of evidence translation in jet lag research. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 114, 2459-2468. 

ATKINSON, G., BATTERHAM, A. M., KARIO, K., TAYLOR, C. E. & JONES, H. 2014. Blood pressure regulation VII. The "morning surge" in blood pressure: Measurement issues and clinical significance. European Journal of Applied Physiology, 114,521-529.

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