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Dr Grant McGeechan

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Health Psychology

Grant McGeechan

About Grant McGeechan

Grant McGeechan joined the Institute in January 2015 as a Research Associate working on a series of co-production evaluations of public health interventions with Durham County Council.  This involves Grant working as a researcher in residence at the local authority, and members of the public health team travelling to the Institute; this relationship encourages skill development and knowledge exchange.  One of the key aims of this work is to develop a practitioner toolkit for undertaking evaluations in the future. 

In addition to this Grant is the North East research co-ordinator for a national NIHR randomised controlled trial looking at the impact of learning mentors delivering brief interventions to students within a high school setting.  This involves Grant working closely with 13 schools in the North East who are part of the trial.  Grant is also the qualitative lead on the project across all sites.

Prior to this Grant completed a PhD at Northumbria University which aimed to develop a conceptual framework for adults living with and beyond cancer.  This framework outlines the difficulties faced when planning for the future in a population who often suffer a number of late effects of cancer treatment such as fear of recurrence, functional impairment, and difficulty returning to employment, all of which can affect their previously held views of their future.

Research interests and activities

Research interests
·  Co-production and translational research
·  Public health evaluations
·  Psycho-oncology
·  Late effects of cancer treatment
·  Qualitative research

Research collaborations
·  Durham County Council
·  East Durham Trust


Selected Papers
Giles, Emma L., et al. "Multicentre individual randomised controlled trial of screening and brief alcohol intervention to prevent risky drinking in young people aged 14–15 in a high school setting (SIPS JR-HIGH): study protocol." BMJ open 6.12 (2016): e012474.

McGeechan, G. J.; Richardson, C.; Wilson, L.; O’Neill, G.; Newbury-Birch, D. (2016).  Exploring Men’s perceptions of a community based men’s shed programme in England. Journal of Public Health: (IF 2.666). In Press DOI: 10.1093/pubmed/fdw116

Newbury-Birch D, McGeechan G. J, Holloway A. (2016). Climbing down the ladder from the ivory tower. How academics and practitioners need to work together in the criminal justice system. Editorial. International Journal of Prisoner Health, 12(3), 129-134.

McGeechan, G. J., Woodall, D., Anderson, L., Wilson, L., O’Neill, G., & Newbury-Birch, D. (2016) A Co-production Community Based Approach to Reducing Smoking Prevalence in a Local Community Setting. Journal of Environmental and Public Health, 2016 doi:10.1155/2016/5386534

McGeechan, G. J.; Wilkinson, K. G.; Martin, N.; Wilson, L.; O'Neill, G.; & Newbury-Birch, D. (2016). A mixed methods outcome evaluation of a specialist Alcohol Hospital Liaison Team.  Journal of Perspectives in Public Health, In Press.

O'Carrol, R. E.; Foster, C.; McGeechan, G.; Sandford, K.; & Ferguson, E. (2011). The 'ick' factor, anticipated regret and willingness to become an organ donor. Health Psychology, 20(2), 236-245.

Submitted and awaiting decision

McGeechan, G. J.; Phillips, D.; Wilson, L.; O’Neill, G.; Newbury-Birch, D. (2016).  Effectiveness of an exercise on referral scheme for adults with existing health conditions in the United Kingdom. Health and Social Care in the Community.

Conference Proceedings

McGeechan, G. J., Wilkinson, K. G., Wilson, L. O'Neill, G. & Newbury-Birch (2016).  Outcome evaluation of a specialist alcohol hospital liaison team in England. Presented at the AMERSA annual conference, Washington D.C., USA - November 2016.

McGeechan, G. J., Richardson, C., Wilson, L,. O'Neill, G., & Newbury-Birch, D. (2016) Evaluations of the mindfulness in schools and Relax Kids services in County Durham. Presented at the Saving the Next Life conference, Durham, UK - September 2016.

McGeechan, G. J., Anderson, L., Richardson, C., Baldwin, B., Wilkinson, K. G., Woodall, D., Wilson, L., O'Neill, G., and Newbury-Birch, D. (2016).  Durham SPHERE: Shared Learning in Public Health Evaluations.  Presented at the FUSE international knowledge exchange conference, Gateshead UK - April 2016.

McGeechan, G.J., Richardson, C., Wilson, L., O'Neill, G., and Newbury-Birch, D. (2016). Durham CREE evaluation. Presented at the National Suicide Prevention Alliance conference, London, UK - February 2016.

McGeechan, G. J., Anderson, L., Richardson, C., Baldwin, B., Wilkinson, K. G., Woodall, D., Wilson, L., O'Neill, G., and Newbury-Birch, D. (2016).  Durham SPHERE: Shared Learning in Public Health Evaluations.  Presented at the UKCRC annual conference, Edinburgh, UK - November 2015.

McGeechan, G. J., Roberts, K., Rao, S., and McPherson, K. (2012).  Gender Differences in Future Disorientation amongst adult survivors of colorectal cancer.  Presented at Psychology Post Graduate Affairs Group, Northumbria University, July 2012.

McPherson, K.E., & McGeechan, G. (2010).  An examination of the Eating and Body Image Disturbance Academic Interference Scale in a UK population. Abstract presented at the Appearance Matters 4 conference, University of Bristol, 23rd June 2010.

Conference Papers
McGeechan, G. J.; Roberts, K.; Rao, S.; & McPherson, K. (2012). Exploring the relationship between future disorientation and emotional well-being in survivors of cancer.  Psycho-oncology, 21 (Suppl. 2).

O'Carroll, R; Foster, C; McGeechan, G, Sandford, K. (2010) ‘Increasing rates of organ donation – The potential roles of the “Ick factor” and Anticipated regret’. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, 17 (Suppl 1) 243-244.

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