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Jesse Dondapati

Jesse came from Visakhapatnam in India to study here.

Jesse Dondapati

MSc Biotechnology

'Teesside was one of the few places in the UK that offered the course I wanted.'

Why did you choose Teesside?

'Teesside was one of the few places in the UK that offered the course I wanted and I preferred its course content. The University’s research standards are very high and the teaching support is excellent.'

How did you make friends?

'Many people from India come here so it was easy to meet other people who speak Telugu, my first language. When I decided to study at Teesside I went a social networking site, and met other international students. Many spoke Telugu and some were already studying here – we talked about their experiences and recommendations. And they helped me to find accommodation – I was able to move in with people I’d spoken to online.

'I met a lot of friends through the Christian Union and I go to the Christian Centre. Many international students go there – the local community is very welcoming.'

Did you have English language support?

'The pre-sessional English language course, before my course, was very practical. It covered conversation skills and academic writing. It helped me make friends with other international students and feel confident continuing my studies.'

What are your plans for the future?

'I’m planning to do a PhD at Teesside.'