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The NHC offers state-of-the-art analytical and digital infrastructure supporting basic and applied research in the biosciences and across disciplinary boundaries, aligned to academic excellence and industry needs. Building on the strengths of our current research teams, recognised as internationally excellent*, the NHC will grow a significant internationally competitive research and innovation capability that is responsive and engaged with industry needs to develop sustainable relationships with regional and national partners to power growth and innovation in the bioscience sector.

Research Themes

  • Provision of a comprehensive genomic, proteomic, metabolomics data acquisition, processing and modeling capability with internationally competitive instrumentation, software and technical support.
  • Support for the biotechnology industry including process development, process improvement and product characterization linked to the nearby CPI Biologics Centre
  • Studies of disease pathways including biomarker discovery, treatment monitoring, development of diagnostics and screening. Supported by bioinformatics modeling and development of predictive models.
  • Biopharmaceutical research including product characterization, metabolism and drug interaction studies.
  • Protein structure/function studies including aggregation, modification, activation and inhibition
  • Use of advanced cellular imaging capabilities, including live cell imaging, using light, confocal and Raman microscopy approaches incorporating fluorescence resonance energy transfer (FRET) and fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM). This will enable the study of, among other topics;
    • Molecular interactions
    • Conformational changes
    • Drug interactions with living cells
    • Tissue characterisation

    'The National Horizons Centre is a good example of working with the government's industrial strategy. Bioscience is an area in which we can only get more technological and more advanced. We have an excellent higher education sector in the UK and our qualifications are recognised across the world. Universities are key to helping businesses reach knowledge, research and expertise and we need to be knocking on people's doors to let them know this.'

    Jonty Bloom, BBC Business Correspondent


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