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Simon Bateson

About Simon Bateson

Simon is currently a part-time Research Fellow in the Graduate Research School, providing electronic design support and assistance to a range of ongoing projects including fluorescence quenching and cavity enhanced absorption instruments.

Before coming to Teesside he studied Applied Chemistry and received a PhD in analytical electrochemistry at UWIST, Cardiff under the supervision of Prof JDR Thomas. Always interested in electronics, the complementary knowledge of chemistry made a good fit for the subject of Analytical Instrumentation so, following a period in manufacturing industry, he spent twenty-eight years teaching a range of topics from industrial instrumentation, through analytical instrumentation, to analogue electronics, programming, specialised signal conditioning, audio and video technology,  and embedded intelligent instruments.

Research interests and activities

Simon's research interests began in electrochemical analysis, specifically in the application of ion-selective electrodes. The aim at that time, and ever since, has been to automate and to improve the accuracy and ease of use of instrumentation, involving the development of a range of analogue and digital systems employing low noise signal conditioning techniques, embedded microcontrollers and all types of interfacing.

Enterprise interest and activities

External enterprise links have led to the completion of numerous projects, including microcontroller-based interfaces, monitors, instruments and recorders; wirelessly linked inertial measurement units, athletics sprint timers, highly accurate temperature monitors; remote and internet-linked printer controls and attendance monitoring systems; audio research and design of an electronic 'gunshot' system first used at 1998 Commonwealth games; re-design and upgrade of a thermal imaging camera;  design of a USB digital lock-in photodiode sensor for photometric instrumentation;  design of a low-cost Simulink-compatible USB I/O system for laboratories, and many other projects requiring hardware, firmware and PCB design.

He is the co-holder of patents in sulphur measurement in steelmaking and in the use of inertial measurement for measuring expended energy in exercise.