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Ian Parker

Ian Parker

About Ian Parker

Ian worked for the Forensic Science Service as a specialist marks photographer/Forensic Scientist specializing in the examination of trace material. He is currently module leader for introduction to photography, introduction to crime scene examination, crime scene photography, specialist photography and fingerprints and footwear marks.
The imaging and examination of footwear marks is his main area of interest.

Research interests and activities

Imaging and enhancement of marks evidence, chemical enhancement of marks evidence.

In the news

  • Students go ballistic!
    Nelson Leader, 17/2/2017
    Dr Gary Currie & Ian Parker shared their knowledge with students who are keen to learn more.

  • Forensic experts pass on knowledge to students
    Lancashire Telegraph, 31/01/17
    Forensic science students were visited by Ian Parker, a lecturer in forensic and crime scene science at Teesside University.