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Charles Tait

Senior Lecturer in Graphic Design/Digital Media

Charles Tait

About Charles Tait

Charlie Tait is a cultural producer who works across art anddesign, often collaborating to engage communities in the creation of participatory,sequential and experiential outcomes. He is Senior Lecturer in Graphic Designand Digital Media at Teesside University and co-runs A\V Format, an opencollective of artists and designers working in audio, interactive and visualformats. His work demonstrates the explorative use of technology to develop outcomesaround social good, culture and heritage. Underpinning his methods is the desireto operate sustainably; use of new materials are kept to a minimum with resourcesand equipment commonly having been saved from disposal.

He lives in the Tees Valley with his family, where he has just completed building a studio/play space using reclaimed and sustainable materials.

Research interests and activities

Green Trolley aimed to engage audiences with the subject of food miles and explore societies distant, commercialised relationship with the food we eat. Following a research project and exhibition, he devised an educational series of workshops that fulfilled many aspects of National Curriculum Key Stage 2. The workshops saw children sourcing unused, locally grown fruit before going through a process of making and distributing products.

In 2016 Tait developed The Whisp’rings Project, directing a team from Brazil, Norway and the UK in the exploration of generative artwork. The resulting outcome, named WSPR, exists as code and a curated library of elements; generating itself based on an established system of criteria, chance and the millions of live actions on Twitter. WSPR was live streamed globally and installed at Kronborg Castle, Denmark. In 2017, he revisited WSPR for installation in Istanbul where he said “To what extent is the viewer a voyeur; witnessing something that will occur - regardless of them - compelled to read and interpret without full understanding of the intricate system of which they are part?”

Research projects & external funding