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Vladimir Vukovic

Research Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in BIM & Energy Reduction in Built Environment

Vladimir Vukovic

About Vladimir Vukovic

Dr Vladimir Vukovic (PhD) works as a Senior Research Lecturer in BIM & Energy Reduction in Built Environment. Dr Vukovic joined Teesside University from his post of a Research & Business Director at research intensive SME, Exergy Ltd. There he was responsible for establishing new business lines, scientific/technical coordination and project management in EU collaborative projects focusing on energy efficiency and renewable energy (RESSEEPE, R2CITIES, NAWADES, PROMETHEUS, FFW). Previously, he worked as Scientist and senior project manager within Energy in Buildings research field, Energy Department, Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT). During his time at AIT he defined and coordinated a strategic project focusing on development of the next generation integrative building simulation tool, in collaboration with Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. He was also the main AIT technical contact point in a number of international projects (S4EEBMODRIO, SOTHERCO, IEA EBC Annex 60) and acting representative in the Energy Efficient Buildings (E2B) Association. In addition to his research activities, Dr Vukovic was working as external lecturer of Systems Engineering and Simulation course - Modelica/Dymola group, University of Applied Science Technikum Wien, Department of Renewable Energy, Austria.

In line with the interdisciplinary nature of construction and facility management research demands into the issues surrounding sustainability, Dr Vukovic’s academic background spans mechanical  (building services), architectural engineering and computational science. His PhD awarded by the Pennsylvania State University, Department of Architectural Engineering, USA, (2009) establishes methodology for predicting respiratory health impacts of office building environments. This research built upon his previous work including real-time identification of indoor pollutant source locations awarded MSc in Architectural Engineering from the same department, and simulation of fluid flow and heat exchange processes awarded Diploma (equivalent to Master degree) from the University of Belgrade, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering, Serbia. 

For his outstanding academic and research achievements Dr Vukovic received awards from the Austrian Institute of Technology, American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE), Air and Waste Management Association (A&WMA), The Pennsylvania State University, University of Belgrade, Government of Serbia etc.

Research interests and activities

Dr Vukovic's research interests include sustainable (energy efficient, socially acceptable, environmentally friendly) building design and operation - whole life cycle approach - and in particular: cyber physical system modelling and optimization, predictive controls, indoor environmental quality, energy efficiency implications on occupants' wellbeing and productivity, energy aware social networking enabled through smart metering. He has been researching issues associated with the development of sustainable building environments for more than ten years. 

Currently he has a leading role in 3 EU H2020 funded projects: DR-BOB - Demand Response in Block of Buildings - where he is responsible for administrative project coordination as a member of TU project coordination team, inteGRIDy - integrated Smart GRID Cross-Functional Solutions for Optimized Synergetic Energy Distribution, Utilization and Storage Technologies - where he works as a project manager, and eDREAM - enabling new Demand REsponse Advanced, Market oriented and secure technologies, solutions and business models - recently approved for funding by the European Commission. Previously, Dr Vukovic had a leading role in a Qatar Foundation project on development of a whole life cycle information flow approach enabled by Building Information Modelling (BIM) protocols and technologies for Qatar construction industry, and was also engaged in EU FP7 funded project IDEAS - Intelligent Neighbourhood Energy Allocation & Supervision.

Dr Vukovic successfully supervised Master and PhD students working towards their degrees in Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Engineering and Process Automation. He currently serves as a Deputy Director of Doctoral Training Alliance (DTA) in Energy, the largest multi-partner and only nationwide doctoral training initiative of its kind, involving 12 UK University Alliance members.

Dr Vukovic welcomes PhD applications on the topics related but not limited to:
- Processes and policies to ensure lifecycle building performance;
- Continuous building performance monitoring/commissioning and end-user engagement;
- Integrated Project Delivery of low-energy buildings;
- Integration of buildings as energy prosumers into virtual energy systems;
- Low-energy housing and electro mobility;
- Trade-offs between indoor comfort aspects (thermal, acoustic, visual, smell...);
- Model predictive building controls and maintenance adaptation to climate change;
- Augmented/Virtual reality and serious games as integrators of construction technology;
- Impacts of indoor environmental quality and building energy efficiency on occupants’ health, wellbeing and productivity;
- Cyber physical modelling and optimisation of energy systems’ design and operation;
- Energy aware social networking enabled through smart metering;
- Utilisation of building excess capacity;
- Innovative funding instruments for low energy projects;
- Contextually-aware building information modelling;
- Optimisation and adaptation of traffic routing; 
- Manufacturing-optimized generative building design and renovation;
- Energy blockchain and smart contracting;
- Flexibility in transactive energy systems.

Enterprise interest and activities

As an expert in the field of energy efficiency and smart metering systems Dr Vukovic did consulting work for United Nations Development Program within the project Energy Efficiency in Building Sector and Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology within the Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Systems evaluation panel. He also served as Advisory Board member of the EU project TRIBUTE and the Energy Innovation Center Teslianum, Serbia.

Dr Vukovic currently serves as an Expert for EUREKA Secretariat, Belgium, and Innovation Fund Denmark.

Dr Vukovic's industry contacts include over 200 SMEs and large multinational companies. He is currently engaged as Knowledge Base Supervisor in InnovateUK supported Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Applied Integration.


Dr Vukovic is author or co-author of more than 30 peer reviewed papers and publications appearing in Energy Conversion and Management, Energy and Buildings, Applied Thermal Engineering, Building and Environment, Int. J. Product Lifecycle Management, J. Information Technology in Construction, J. Air and Waste Management Association, Sustainable Cities and Society, Building Simulation, ASHRAE Transactions. He was awarded ASHRAE best paper award for publishing methodology for application of artificial neural networks in identification of indoor contaminant release sources.

Dr Vukovic served as a reviewer for the following journals: Building and Environment, Indoor and Built Environment, Mathematical Problems in Engineering, Sustainability, Applied Thermal Engineering, Energies, Automation in Construction.

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