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Dr Perk Lin Chong

Perk Lin Chong

About Perk Lin Chong

Dr Perk Lin Chong has 8 years of teaching experience in institutions of Higher Learning. His research interests focus on sustainable energy, geometric modelling and engineering education. He has published numerous research articles in international conferences and journals. Being active in research, he has been appointed as a permanent reviewer in Journal of Engineering Science and Technology (JESTEC).  In addition, he has been appointed as a technical reviewer of numerous conferences, which include ICREATE 2009, CARs&FOF 2011, and ICCHT 2014. Dr Perk Lin Chong is a Chartered Engineer of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE).

Research interests and activities

- Sustainable Energy
- Finite Element Analysis
- Learning and Teaching
- Statistical Modelling
- Geometric Modelling

Enterprise interest and activities

- Finite Element Analysis
- Statistical Modelling


Y. Y. Koh, P. L. Chong, From Outcome-Based Education (OBE) to Continuity Quality Improvement (CQI): A Case Study of Teaching Mechanical Engineering at University of Newcastle Singapore, Internationalization and Inclusivity of Higher Education in South East Asia: Perspective Practice and Pragmatic, 55th Anniversary, October 2015.

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Federico A Roy, P. L. Chong, S. H. Saw, Correlation of measured neon soft X-ray pulses of the INTI plasma focus with the reflected shock phase at 12kV,International Journal of Modern Physics: Conference Series, Volume 32, 2014.

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S. Lee, S. H. Saw, R. S. Rawat, P. Lee, R.
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