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Abdullah Al Baqmi

Abdullah Al BaqmiPhD Civil Engineering

During my study for the doctorate degree at Teesside, I found the university to be an ideal, prestigious and cooperative academic body in terms of dealing with the students throughout all stages and majors of the bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees, as well as in terms of the academic calibre and foll-up-programmes. The university is equipped with all the educational and academic facilities required, demonstrates efficient teaching and provides a proper learning environment to help students accomplish their academic objectives. The university also has in place academic follow-up-plans and programmes individually tailored for each student to ensure academic progress.
I find Teesside University an ideal and integrated university located in a beautiful city along the North Sea and highly recommend it as an ideal choice for students.

Graham Lupton

Graham LuptonBEng Tech (Hons) Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Graham is studying part time while working as a full-time project engineer for AMEC at Hartlepool Power Station

'It’s two years of hard work which will pay off in the long run.'

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Helen Malcolm

Helen MalcolmBEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering

‘This degree helped me get my job as a process engineer. I chose it so I would be employable worldwide.’

Martin Axon

Martin AxonMEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

Martin is a graduate trainee at Rolls-Royce

'I've made some fantastic lifelong friends and being able to indulge my passion for engineering.'

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Oliver Burrill

Oliver BurrillHNC Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Oliver is a production engineer at R and R Ice Cream in Leeming Bar, near Northallerton.

'I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learned and implement it at work every day.'

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David Gamble

David  GambleBEng (Hons) Instrumentation and Control Engineering

David is studying part-time, supported by his employer, SABIC.

The University is well equipped for the engineering degree course, with various software applications and laboratories to carry out technical experiments.

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