School of Science & Engineering graduates

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Rachel Davies

Rachel Davies

Rachel DaviesBSc (Hons) Disaster Management

‘I’m really pleased I chose to study Disaster Management – it’s a fantastic course.’

Benjamin Harrison

Benjamin HarrisonMEng Mechanical Engineering

Ben’s course has included a one-year industrial placement.

I enjoy the pace of the course and variety of modules to study.

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Ifeanyi Michael Okafor

Ifeanyi Michael OkaforMSc Project Management

Ifeanyi, from Enugu in Nigeria, is assistant strategy analyst at the Central Bank of Nigeria.

'My goal is to apply my project management knowledge to help promote more responsible business and government practices.;

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Duncan Warriner

General Manager, Metal Products Pipeline Engineering

‘Getting the best people for the job is always a challenge. Teesside allows students to gain a highly-credible qualification in mechanical engineering which makes them very much in demand.’


Graeme Burnett

Graeme BurnettBSc (Hons) Chemical Engineering, 1976

Graeme has gone on from Teesside to a successful career, culminating in a senior role in the oil industry.

I have enjoyed a broad and successful experience in worldwide operations for the Total Group, having held high-level executive positions in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

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Noreen Hussain

Noreen HussainBEng (Hons) Computer Aided Design and Mechanical Engineering, and MSc Advanced Manufacturing Systems

Noreen is a project engineer at DeepOcean UK

'I knew the degree course would provide a solid grounding for interesting opportunities within my career.'

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