School of Science & Engineering graduates

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Sarah Joplin

Sarah JoplinBEng (Hons) Civil Engineering

Sarah is a site civil engineer at Owen Pugh Construction

'I did many modules that helped prepare me - building technology, structural mechanics, geotechnology, civil engineering analysis and design, and water infrastructure.'

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Nicky Teasdale

Nicky TeasdaleBEng Tech (Hons) Renewable Energy Engineering

Nicky’s part-time study has enabled him to start a challenging and satisfying career.

'Don't envy your friend who has a good career, be the friend who is envied for having a good career.'

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Jason McAndrew

Jason McAndrewBEng (Hons) Instrumentation and Control Engineering

Jason is a graduate instrument engineer with Petrofac in Aberdeen

'Teesside University has an extremely good reputation for engineering, good ties with local industry, and excellent student and careers services that are dedicated in helping students and graduates in their studies and future careers.'

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Noreen Hussain

Noreen HussainBEng (Hons) Computer Aided Design and Mechanical Engineering, and MSc Advanced Manufacturing Systems

Noreen is a project engineer at DeepOcean UK

'I knew the degree course would provide a solid grounding for interesting opportunities within my career.'

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Martin Axon

Martin AxonMSc Mechanical Engineering

Martin is a graduate trainee at Rolls-Royce

'I've made some fantastic lifelong friends and being able to indulge my passion for engineering.'

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Helen Malcolm

Helen MalcolmBEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering

‘This degree helped me get my job as a process engineer. I chose it so I would be employable worldwide.’