School of Science & Engineering graduates

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Leslie R Hamilton

Leslie R HamiltonBEng (Hons) Mechanical Engineering

Leslie is Senior Vice President of Engineering & Operations at Danger Inc

'The enduring benefits from my degree and degree training have been credibility with my peers and prospective business partners and a disciplined and analytic approach to problem solving.'

Sohail Ahmed

Sohail AhmedMSc Process Manufacturing Management

Sohail ensures plant and equipment is reliable and safe, and complies with British and European standards.

'My postgraduate course was certainly a good investment towards my career.'

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Carlos Almeida

Carlos AlmeidaBEng (Hons) Chemical Engineering

Carlos is an offshore production technician for BP Angola

'Studying at Teesside University gave me a very big boost. It’s a great place to study.'

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Bikimi Ayiya

Bikimi AyiyaMSc Petroleum Technology

Bikimi Ayiya from Nigeria, found a thriving chemical industry where his skills have flourished.


Ifeanyi Michael Okafor

Ifeanyi Michael OkaforMSc Project Management

Ifeanyi, from Enugu in Nigeria, is assistant strategy analyst at the Central Bank of Nigeria.

'My goal is to apply my project management knowledge to help promote more responsible business and government practices.;

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Balaji Vasudevan

Balaji  VasudevanMSc Petroleum Technology, class of 2010

Balaji works as a KTP associate at Teesside University. He works with a local potash fertilizers company to help reduce particle emissions.

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