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Raja Nur Athirah bt Raja Sharul Zaman

Raja Nur Athirah bt Raja Sharul ZamanMEng Instrumentation and Control

Raja Sharul Zaman came from Malaysia to study MEng Instrumentation and Control

Meet Raja Nur Athirah bt Raja Sharul Zaman  Link to Meet Raja Nur Athirah bt Raja Sharul Zaman.

Balaji Vasudevan

Balaji  VasudevanMSc Petroleum Technology

Balaji works as a KTP associate at Teesside University. He works with a local potash fertilizers company to help reduce particle emissions.

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Mohammed Al Haj Saad

MSc Control and Electronics Engineering

Mohammed is from Saudi Arabia.

'That’s the great thing about the University – there are opportunities here for you to embrace. Everything is so convenient so you have time to fit in study, work and friends.'

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Oliver Burrill

Oliver BurrillHNC Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Oliver is a production engineer at R and R Ice Cream in Leeming Bar, near Northallerton.

'I’ve been able to apply what I’ve learned and implement it at work every day.'

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Sohail Ahmed

Sohail AhmedMSc Process Manufacturing Management

Sohail ensures plant and equipment is reliable and safe, and complies with British and European standards.

'My postgraduate course was certainly a good investment towards my career.'

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Eid Algarni

Eid AlgarniPhD City Planning Engineering

Eid came from Saudi Arabia to study here.

Gaining a PhD degree from a reputable British University such as Teesside, will help me achieve my dream of becoming an academic construction engineer who will significantly contribute to the field.

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