Course costs

For a Higher National Certificate (HNC) you study eight modules at £493.75 for each module. For the Higher National Diploma (HND) you study a maximum of 16 modules, again at £493.75 each. You usually pay for one module at a time. Some modules are subject to availability.

If you join the course having completed no appropriate HNC modules previously, the total cost of an HNC is currently £3,950 for the 8 modules required and an HND is another £3,950 on top of this for the additional 8 modules you will need to study

Please note we will no longer be accepting Purchase Orders, Cheques or Bank Transfers, all payments for modules must be made through the Online Shop. The link will be provided in your offer letter.

Supplementary materials

Practical kits - several of the electronic modules require practical work to be done. Teesside University open learning in engineering has developed practical kits to enable this work to be completed by distance learning students at home. If you are studying directly with us you are loaned these kits as required for no extra charge (except for the return carriage costs).

Software - some HNC modules require specific software to be used. Wherever possible we have used free software that can be downloaded once the module is purchased. For example Business Management Techniques requires Microsoft Project and Engineering Design requires AutoCAD.

For more details please contact us on 01642 342740 or email .