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What does open learning mean?

Open learning means studying at a location and over a time scale convenient to you. Rather than give up your job, you can continue to live at home and earn while studying. You use specially prepared learning materials written by experienced academics. They know which sections of the work you usually find difficult, and have provided user-friendly explanations and self-assessment questions to help your study. Full answers are provided.

Why should I study?

Increased knowledge and higher qualifications will enhance both your performance in your present job and your future employment prospects.

Who provides the course?

We provide the course materials via our e-learning site elearning@tees and can provide tutorial support. The accreditation of the course is provided by Teesside University under licence from Edexcel.

How long will it take?

Since open learning programmes allow you to work at your own pace, this varies. But typically, a Higher National Certificate will take between two to three years.

What support will I be given?

For each module within a course you are allocated a tutor. The tutor will grade your tutor marked assessments (TMAs) and provide feedback via the online site elearning@tees. Your tutor will also be available to contact by phone, email or (by prior arrangement) in person , to help you with any problems with you have with the work.

How will I be assessed?

You will be assessed by a series of in-course Tutor Marked Assessments which assess topic areas of each module, the number of these assessments varies across the modules.

You will complete the assessment and then submit your answers via the online site e-learning .

Where will I undertake any practical work?

If there is practical work involved in a module then it is undertaken at home on special practical kits developed by us.

What resources will I have access to and who will provide books and course literature?

All course materials are provided by us and they are all self-contained. This course is delivered via a dedicated online support site through e-learning which provides learning and support materials.

You will also have access to the University Library resources which include a large number of ebooks and journals.