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Liam Douglas

Liam is a law graduate who is on the CILEX Graduate Fast-track Diploma to support the qualifying employment element of the Chartered Legal Executive qualification.

Liam Douglas

CILEX Fast Track Diploma

Why did you choose to study law?

I chose law at college and not only did I excel in the area I also really enjoyed the course and found it extremely interesting, and something I could build a career on. I was informed that Teesside was one of the leading universities for Law, and I wanted to stay local.
I found all the different aspects of the course really interesting, and the lecturers were all very approachable. Company Law was by far my favourite topic and was equally the most difficult module. The lecturer was absolutely fantastic and made the subject so interesting. I cannot recall his name but he was an extremely engaging Welshman.

What did you think of the campus?

The campus was great; modern, simple layout, and a large library with private rooms. I could not fault the University at all, I enjoyed my time there – my favourite location being the SU bar, naturally! The Middlesbrough nightlife is fantastic though – great for students.

How did you begin your career?

I graduated at the start of the recession and it was extremely difficult to find any sort of role. I was working several jobs at one point including voluntary work at the Citizens Advice Bureau. I then found myself in enforcement work in housing with Middlesbrough Council, and then Sunderland Council. I lost both jobs due to cuts in public spending unfortunately. I’m currently a graduate legal executive with Langleys Solicitors in York in their residential conveyancing department. Knowing I wanted to specialise in property law, this was ideal, as Langleys are a recognised national provider of residential conveyancing services. The job is very fast paced and high-pressured, and you will often work unsociable hours, however, it is quite interesting as it is an area where problems will always arise and you are constantly learning.

Why are you on the CILEX course?

Having my degree certainly helped me secure my current position, however, learning from books and putting law into practice are two very different things. You have to have the ability to listen to senior colleagues and keep building upon your knowledge. Like most law students I thought this would lead to me becoming a solicitor, but gradually I realised that the shortage of training contracts made this unlikely.
I’m on the CILex Graduate Fast-track Diploma, my company has sponsored me and their on-going commitment to training and development included paid study leave, has assisted me significantly with my progression through the course so far. It is a fantastic option for me because the work I am doing at Langleys will fulfil the qualifying employment element of the Chartered Legal Executive qualification.
It can sometimes be a challenge balancing a busy career and family commitments whilst studying, but completing the GFTD will be worth it for the career opportunities it will create.