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Dr Ian Pepper

Senior Lecturer in Law and Policing

Ian Pepper

About Ian Pepper

Dr Ian Pepper is the Principal Lecturer in the School of Social Sciences, Humanities & Law at Teesside University.

A professional educator, researcher, leader and business developer within undergraduate, postgraduate and work based criminal justice and law enforcement education, Ian is an advocate of lifelong learning.

Ian is a graduate of both Sunderland University and Durham University and now co-ordinates and teaches on a range of programmes. He also works in partnership with law enforcement and criminal justice organisations.

Ian is a former Senior Lecturer in crime scene and forensic science, police crime scene investigator (CSI) and fingerprint officer. He has been an instructor and team leader at the National Training Centre for Scientific Support to Crime Investigation and has designed and delivered education and training to crime scene investigators and police officers in the Far East, Middle East, Africa and across the UK. 

He has a number of publications and is a member of the International Association for Identification, The Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences and a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.

Research interests and activities

Policing/law enforcement education and training.
Volunteers in policing.
Crime Scene Investigation.

PhD and research opportunities

Policing/law enforcement education and training.
Volunteers in policing.
Crime Scene Investigation/Fingerprints.

External roles and professional activities

Chair - College of Policing PEQF Senior Qualifications Development Group
Invited member - College of Policing Direct Entry Professional Reference Group
Visiting Scholar - Department of Criminal Justice, College of Health and Public Affairs,  University of Central Florida, USA: July 2016
External examiner at doctoral, postgraduate and undergraduate levels.

External research collaborations

University of Central Florida

Enterprise interest and activities

Policing/law enforcement education and training.
Academic accreditation of workforce development.


Journal examples:

Wolf, R. Pepper, I. & Dobrin, A. (2017). An international comparison of professional confidence in volunteer policing. In. Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles. Vol. 90 (2) pp 91-106
Pepper, I. Redington, S. Durrant, S. Mulqueen, M. & Watson, A. (2017). A Partnership Approach to Higher Educational Accreditation of the UK’s National Direct Entry Superintendents Programme. European Police Science and Research Bulletin. Accepted March 2017
Pepper, I., Williams, P., Green, T. & Ruddell, R. (2016). Developing employability skills for policing within higher education; an international comparison. Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles. Preprint. Available at: DOI 10.1177/0032258X16677768
Pepper, I. & Wolf, R. (2015). Volunteering to serve: An international comparison of volunteer police officers in a UK North East Police Force and a US Florida Sheriff’s Office. In. Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles. Vol. 88 (3) pp.209-219
Pepper, I. & Salicco, P. (2015). Using fingerprints to inspire criminal justice research: an international educational perspective. In. Fingerprint Whorld. Vol. 40 (158) pp.23-27
Pepper, I. & McGrath, R. (2015). Teaching the College of Policing pre-employment ‘Certificate in Knowledge of Policing’ to undergraduate students. In. Higher Education, Skills and Workbased Learning. Vol. 5 (2) pp.196-206
Pepper, I. (2014). Do part-time volunteer police officers aspire to be regular police officers? In. Police Journal: Theory, Practice and Principles. Vol. 87 (1) pp 105–114
McGrath, R. & Pepper, I. (2011). A Higher Education Programme Designed to Encourage Informed Career Decisions and Career Retention of Police Officers. In. Illinois Law Enforcement Executive Forum. Vol. 11 (4) pp.185-191
Pepper, I. & McGrath, R. (2010). Pre-Employment Course: a Partnership for Success? In. Education and Training. Vol. 52 (3) pp.245-254
Book examples:

Pepper, I. Editor. (2011). Working in Policing. Exeter: Learning Matters.

Pepper, I. (2010). Crime Scene Investigation: Methods and Procedures. Second Edition. Maidenhead:Open University Press.

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    Teesside University Lecturer, Ian Pepper met Wolsingham Sixth Form studnets to explore the interdisciplinary programmes of criminology, law and forensics.