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Dr Jill Taylor

Senior Lecturer in Psychology

About Jill Taylor

Dr. Jill Taylor (nee Richmond) is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology in the School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Law. She studied her first degree in Psychology at the University of Sunderland and completed an MSc in Forensic Psychology at the University of Kent.  She completed her PhD at the University of Portsmouth supervised by Dr. Clare Wilson. Her PhD work examines how subjective experiences of time perspective and representations of time influence emotions and behaviour. 

Research interests and activities

Jill's research interests lie within Positive Psychology and specifically subjective time perspective and subjecting well-being.  Jill is on PhD teams and currently supervises research projects with focus on behavioural interventions.

Research projects & external funding

Jill is currently working on several research projects.   For example, one project investigates the relationship between mindfulness and time perspective, another examines the extent to which time perspective influences online security behaviour.  Other research investigates the relationship between prospective memory, time perspective, and subjective well-being.  New research collaborations examine character strengths with student subjective well-being, another explores transgenerational future thinking.  

PhD and research opportunities

Jill welcomes applications from PhD candidates interested in behaviour change and positive behavioural interventions.  

External research collaborations

Jill is currently working on several research collaborations with external partners.  For example, research with a colleague at Manchester Metropolitan University examines how time perspective interventions can decrease perceived stress and increase subjective well-being. Another project with a colleague at University of Portsmouth investigates how we use our understanding of time to increase self-efficacy towards goal achievement.  A new project with colleagues at Northumbria University examines personality, self-efficacy, achievement.  Another example is a project in collaboration with colleagues at the University of Sunderland combines art with psychology in exploring increases in subjective well-being through creative interventions. 

Learning and teaching interests

Jill has experience teaching positive psychology, research methods and forensic psychology at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels.  Jill current teaching focus lies within positive psychology, and she is the module leader for ‘Positive Psychology: Happiness and Wellbeing' and ‘The Psychology of Everyday Self'. 


Jill Taylor (neé Richmond) - selected publications

Taylor, J., & Wilson, J. C. (2016).  Failing time after time: time perspective, procrastination, and cognitive reappraisal in goal failure.  Journal of Applied Social Psychology 2016, 46, 557–564.

Richmond, J., Wilson, J. C, & Zinken, J (2012).  A feeling for the future: How does agency in time metaphors relate to feelings? European Journal of Social Psychology, 42, 813-823.

Richmond, J., & Wilson, J. C. (2008).  Are graphic media violence, aggression, and moral disengagement related?  Psychiatry, Psychology and Law, 15 (2), 350- 357.

Brase, G., & Richmond, J. (2004).  The white coat effect: Physician attire and perceived authority, friendliness, and attractiveness.  Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 34 (12), 2469-2481. 

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